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Creamy Asparagus Soup (Paleo)

Omg, this soup is AMAZING!! Full of ingredients to support the gut, lowering inflammation, and feed your healthy bacteria…plus, absolutely delicious. Thank you, Amy Myers for creating this recipe! Ingredients 1 lb asparagus 2 onion chopped 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves minced garlic (or 1/2 tsp ground) 1 tsp ground ginger 2 tsp sea salt 4 cups bone broth (or a combo of 4 cups […]

Upgraded Mac & Cheese

Years ago when my kiddo was just a toddler, a dear client of mine gifted me a cookbook filled with recipes for traditional kid foods that are MUCH healthier than traditional preparations/ingredients. One of the recipes the whole family (and many of our friends) loved was using hearts of palm instead of grain-based macaroni for […]

How to reverse muscle “osteoporosis”

If it is important to you to lead a high quality, independent, functional, long life, then listen up!Have you heard of something called sarcopenia?When we are young, our hormones make it easy to put on muscle mass, but as we get into our 30’s and 40’s (and beyond), things change. Sarcopenia is a condition where you slowly and […]

Why Does Your Health Matter To You?

From early in life, my health mattered to me.I struggled. I got headaches. Had spinal/structural issues. Kept getting injured. Was on crutches way too often in middle school and junior high. Had mold illness before that was even recognized as a thing. I could’ve made up a story that I was weak, unhealthy and that I’d […]

The Gut-Thyroid Connection

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said that “All disease begins in the gut.” Your gut is truly at the ROOT of your health.Your gut is where you take all the good stuff you eat and drink and transform it into the many building blocks your body needs to make energy, think clearly, sleep […]

Plant Foods That Can Cause Skin Damage

I’ve had sensitive skin my whole life and sunburn easily, so when I learned about psoralens recently, it felt valuable to share.If you or someone you care about are prone to sunburns, age spots/liver spots or skin cancer, listen up.Psoralens are a naturally occurring substance found in certain foods that have been found to effect the skin. Specifically, […]

4 Unique Tips for Increasing Mobility

There’s an amazing feeling you get when you can move your body with ease. Today I’d like to share some tips with you to improve your mobility that you may find surprising.Mobility can be restricted for many reasons: injury, lack of movement, loss of strength or balance, chronic diseases like arthritis and diabetes, scar tissue, and obesity. […]

5 Superfoods You Should Know

When it comes to health, what goes in your mouth plays a huge role. Today, I’d like to tell you about superfoods. What is a superfood? Superfood is a term coined to describe food products that are low in calories and jam-packed with nutrients and minerals. They also contain active ingredients that prevent diseases and promote good health.  Here […]

How to Prevent Bone Loss

How to Prevent Bone Loss Did you know that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will experience osteoporotic fractures in their lifetime? And did you know the number one culprit for developing osteoporosis? Eating foods high in sugar, salt, and caffeine, which basically compose the modern American diet, was proven to increase the excretion of calcium […]

Oil for Varicose Veins

Before we delve into varicose veins, I want to make sure you know that I am teaching a new online class this Fri, Dec 4th! The details and link to sign up for free are on the right under Upcoming Events. Okay so back to your veins. Do you have varicose veins? If you are overweight or obese, pregnant, […]