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The Secret to Healthier Skin

I’m going to make today’s newsletter short and sweet. We’re going to explore something called the gut-skin axis and how you can support BOTH! Sure, there are tons of skin care products on the market, and some of them are undeniably better than others, but none of them are going to override the impact of your primary […]

Healthy “Ramen” Noodle Recipe

I’m going to make today’s newsletter short and sweet. Simply, I want to share a recipe I recently created that is tasty, comforting, and gut friendly. Why am I ALWAYS going on and on about gut health?! Because your gut is at the root of your health.  Your gut is where you take all the good […]

Can Lack of Sleep Mess Up Your Gut?

Your body works in a 24-hour body clock known as the circadian rhythm. This rhythm controls your daily schedule for sleeping, waking up, the release of certain hormones, detoxification and cell repair, and much more. That’s why, messing with your internal clock affects not only your mood but also your metabolic processes. Over the years, the problem of sleep deprivation […]

Are you ready to move your “health needle?”

Hi there!Today I have a special announcement to share with you. 📣 Since 2001, I have been helping folks to feel healthier and more at home in their bodies.Ever since I was a kid, I watched my Dad and other relatives struggling with their weight and other symptoms ranging from anxiety to heart conditions…and I […]

Why Salmon is Good for Gut Health

Last week, we tackled some anti-inflammatory foods. These are foods that are free from refined grains, sugar, and chemical additives.  This time let’s focus a little more on one of the best anti-inflammatory foods: salmon. Did you know that salmon is good for your gut? Salmon is an oily fish and the reason behind its efficiency in reducing […]

3 Easy-to-Make Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Recipes

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”― Ann Wigmore So true. Every cell in your body relies on the food you eat.  And did you know that the greatest threat to your health is inflammation?  When you accidentally cut your skin–it swells, reddens, and becomes […]

Salisbury Steak

I had to share this amazing recipe with you for Salisbury Steak by the wonderful author and paleo expert Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo. Ingredients for Steaks 2 pounds of ground beef 1 cup spinach, finely diced 1 egg 1 teaspoon crushed garlic 1 teaspoon sea salt 1 tablespoon dried thyme ½ teaspoon rubbed sage […]

Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree, widely distributed in Southeast Asia, China, and Australia. The inner bark is made into strips, dried or roasted, and ground into powder. The aroma, flavor, and health benefits of cinnamon come from cinnamaldehyde, an organic compound. While all cinnamon is delicious, they are not the same. There […]