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Top Reasons Why You Feel Bloated

Do you have a problem with bloating? Did you know that how much you eat isn’t the only reason for feeling bloated? Certainly overeating can overburden your digestion and cause bloating, but you can still develop bloating because of the ingredients in what you eat. Let’s check out some of these ingredients. Salt Salt is important, but […]

How Your Diet Affects Your Stress Level

Let’s face it, we have our work cut out for us when it comes to stress management. Pandemics, politics, climate change, feeling time crunched, processed food, pollution, lack of sleep…good grief! We are dealing with chronic stress and its health implications at new all-time high levels. And your diet is a big one! The phrase “You are […]

Science-Backed Benefits of Gratitude

Did you know that practicing gratitude every day can change you and your brain? It’s true. Developing the habit of gratitude has immense benefits to your physical, social, and psychological well-being. Let’s dig into them one by one. According to neuroscientists, focusing on positive things activates neurotransmitters branded as “happy chemicals.” (i.e. dopamine and serotonin) This makes gratitude a natural […]

Soothe Your Upset Stomach with Coriander

Having an upset stomach is awful–no one wants to experience queasiness, vomiting,  or diarrhea. But you’ve heard the expression “don’t kill the messenger”, right? When your body has a symptom, like an upset stomach, it’s your body telling you that something isn’t working well for you or that something is wrong. Sometimes we need to develop our detective […]

How to Naturally Lose Weight without Counting Calories

Yes! You read it right. You can actually lose weight–naturally–without counting calories. As discussed last week, the technique “calories in, calories out” is oversimplified and fraught with myths. Instead of putting a lot of time, energy and attention on calorie counting, I invite you to start learning another approach to weight loss (or as I prefer to call […]

Surprising Benefits of Eating Kimchi

Today we’re going to dig into an awesome gut healing food called kimchi. Kimchi is a world-famous traditional side dish in Korea.This food has rich historical roots: It is mentioned in many ancient Korean journals dating back thousands of years ago!  From being incredibly sour to crazy spicy, accompanied with that pungent odor–kimchi has a unique and […]

Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Give You the Results You Want

Before diving into the flaws of calorie counting, I made a special announcement last week. If you missed it, you can check it out here.  So back to calories. If you’re struggling to lose weight or have struggled in the past, you’ve likely heard more than you ever wanted to about calorie counting. We’ve been told that counting […]

Are you ready to move your “health needle?”

Hi there!Today I have a special announcement to share with you. 📣 Since 2001, I have been helping folks to feel healthier and more at home in their bodies.Ever since I was a kid, I watched my Dad and other relatives struggling with their weight and other symptoms ranging from anxiety to heart conditions…and I saw […]

The Secret to Healthier Skin

I’m going to make today’s newsletter short and sweet. We’re going to explore something called the gut-skin axis and how you can support BOTH! Sure, there are tons of skin care products on the market, and some of them are undeniably better than others, but none of them are going to override the impact of your primary […]