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This is a terrific low-carb alternative to mashed potatoes!! Steam 1 head of finely chopped cauliflower until fork tender Drain and blend thoroughly in food processor Put mashed cauliflower in a bowl and mix in 1-4 Tbs. each of salted butter, cream, and parmesan cheese (based on how well you tolerate fat and dairy). Salt […]

How to Recover from Burnout

Burnout is something all too many of us have experienced…especially during 2020. Burnout is caused by prolonged exposure to stress. It’s an all consuming exhasution: physical, mental and emotional.As the pandemic continues, tensions over human rights and politics grow, we try to adapt our work, school and other elements of life to a remote/virtual format… so many […]

Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis

No one likes to be inflamed and in pain, so today I’d like to share some natural therapies for arthritis pain. There are 2 types of arthritis: 1. Osteoarthritis – caused by the wear-and-tear damage to the cartilage of your bones. Cartilage plays a role in preventing friction during joint movement, so once it is […]

4 Ways to Relieve Acid Reflux without Using Medication

Hi there! Last week we talked about GERD and an alternative way to manage it. In case you missed it, you can check it out here. Heartburn can occur after having a large meal, binge drinking, or eating greasy food. That burning sensation you feel around your chest happens because of the rising up of the […]

Have GERD? Here’s a Natural Alternative to Manage It

Hi there!In case you missed my healthy Halloween recipe lineup last week, you can check it out here. Today, we’re going to talk about GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. It’s a condition that effects up to 60% of people and is characterized by feeling heartburn or a burning pain in the chest or throat. Let’s look at why it happens. […]

How CBD Can Help Your Gut

How CBD Can Help Your Gut You’ve probably heard about something called cannabinoids before, usually in reference to cannabis or marijuana. But did you know that your body produces its own cannabinoids? It’s true! Your body has what’s called an endocannabinoid system–a complex system of naturally produced cannabinoids in the body. These endocannabinoids, as they are called, […]

Healthy Halloween Recipe Lineup!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Halloween. Decorating, themed foods, dressing up…YES!!! 🙂 Today I’d like to help support you in your health journey by sharing some fun & tasty holiday inspired recipes. You can spread them out throughout the month for variety to your weekly menu or wow your guests at […]

How You Prep Your Veggies Can Boost Nutrients

How You Prep Your Veggies Can Boost Nutrients Did you know that how you prepare your vegetables determines how available the nutrients in them are to your body?  It’s true! This is due to the way sulforaphane is formed. But what is sulforaphane? Sulforaphane is a sulfur-rich compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy, […]

Is Calcium Supplementation Safe?

Is Calcium Supplementation Safe?  Did you know that 54 million U.S. adults age 50 and older have osteoporosis and bone loss? Women are more likely than men to experience bone loss. When a woman reaches menopause, she becomes at risk of developing osteoporosis due to the rapid bone loss during and about 5-10 years after menopause. Given this, many […]

How to Support Respiratory Health with Smoky Air

We’re living in a tough time, especially here in California where we are dealing with horrendous wildfires. But although the wildfires originated in California, the smoke has reached far and wide in the United States and the Pacific Ocean, so everyone must take precautions to protect our respiratory health. Why is wildfire smoke dangerous? Well, wildfire […]