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Melatonin Health Benefits (with sleep and beyond)

Melatonin has gained popularity over the years as a natural sleep aid, but did you know that it is also helpful in other ways? In this newsletter, let’s explore melatonin, its benefits, dosage, and side effects. What is Melatonin? Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, a tiny gland in your brain that […]

Natural Solutions to Calming Inflammation

Inflammation is behind all sorts of symptoms: Low energy, body pain, excess weight, allergies, digestive issues (gas, bloating, irregular BM’s), low or inconsistent energy, headaches and more. And did you know that your gut health plays a CRITICAL role in the inflammatory process? It does. Your gut is at the ROOT of your health, including the […]

How CoQ10 Supports Your Energy

CoQ10 (coenzyme-Q10), also called ubiquinone, is a vitamin-like-fat-soluble substance that is naturally produced by the body, particularly in the powerhouses of your cells–the mitochondria. CoQ10 is involved in electron transport to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the source of energy we use or store at the cellular level. Supplementing with CoQ10 may have positive results on […]

The Role of Chia Seeds in Healthy Weight

Chia seeds come from the Salvia hispanica plant. They are small, flat, and oval-shaped white, brown, or black seeds with a shiny and smooth texture. Chia seeds have been a staple in the Mayan and Aztec diets for centuries. In fact, the word “chia” is an ancient Mayan word for strength.  In this newsletter, let’s explore […]

7 Foods to Support Healthy Weight

Earlier this year I wrote about visceral fat, also known as “hidden” fat that is stored deep inside the belly, wrapping around the internal organs including the liver and the intestines. Having excessive belly fat increases the risk of premature death even if you are not overweight. To maintain a healthy weight and minimize belly fat, lifestyle change is […]

5 Health Benefits of Cucumber

Today we are going to explore some of the health benefits of cucumber!  Promotes Hydration Cucumber is a fruit that is 96% water. Though you get most of your fluid needs met from water,  approximately 40% of your total water comes from fruits and vegetables. In fact, in a study involving 442 children, those with increased intake of […]

Healthy Travel Snack Guide

Summer travel time is upon us! I’ve done more than my share of traveling across the globe. What I’ve learned while traveling is that prioritizing planning in advance to have some healthy snacks to travel with is WORTH IT! Traveling brings more of life’s unpredictability into the equation. Flights are delayed, there’s traffic, someone gets “hangry”,…you know how […]

The Role of Fiber in Improving Blood Sugar, Satiety, and Weight Release

Dietary fiber or roughage is a part of plant-based foods that your digestive enzymes cannot break down. Fiber passes through your digestive system relatively intact and, depending on the type of fiber, supports your health in different ways. Forms of Fiber Fiber is part of the macronutrient carbohydrates (other macronutrients are protein and fats) and it comes in […]

Banana Bread: Healthy & Gluten Free!

My good friend Katie (the Warrior Wife) created and shared this amazing recipe for gluten free, no sugar added banana bread back in 2016! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Ingredients: 1/2 cup almond flour (blanched) 1/2 cup coconut flour 1 tablespoon tapioca starch (aka tapioca flour) 1 1/4 tsp baking […]