Want to have naturally thicker, healthier hair?

Your outer health and appearance have a lot to do with what is going on inside your body. When you eat a diet that is just right for you, drink enough water, move your body, manage your stress level, and address internal imbalances like gut inflammation; your skin, teeth, hair, and muscle-to-fat ratio all thrive!

Now, one of the ways that internal imbalances show up on the outside is thinning hair. What’s crazy is that you generally start to notice your hair is falling out/thinning 6 weeks to 3 months after the event(s) that caused your body stress and shifted you into a state called telogen effluvium (losing hair faster than growing new hair).

Dialing in your self-care, how you eat/move/hydrate/manage stress, is ESSENTIAL to being healthy both inside and out and I’ll share more in a moment on how I can support you to discover where your best health has been hiding. But first, I want to let you in on a natural beauty secret for having thicker, healthier hair: Castor oil

Castor oil is an oil you can buy at the store and apply to your hair. It’s considered an age old remedy for boosting hair thickness, beauty, and preventing hair loss. Great for eyelashes too! Here are some hair benefits from castor oil:

1.    Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This is helpful if you have dandruff, folliculitis or other scalp infections which can cause hair loss and thinning.

2.    Ricinoleic acid. This fatty acid makes up 90% of castor oil and helps boost hair growth by improving circulation of blood and nutrients to the scalp as well as rebalance the natural PH of the hair.

3.    Contains keratin boosting antioxidants that help your hair to be smoother and stronger.

4.    Castor oil is also high in  other nutrients that are important for good hair quality such as Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids.

How to:

Test a small amount of castor oil on your skin (inner arm) to make sure your body isn’t reactive to it. If you aren’t reactive, great!

1-2x/week, massage a 1/4-1 teaspoon of castor oil into your scalp with your hands. This is great for increasing circulation to your scalp! It works best if your scalp is damp so you can use a spray bottle to dampen the roots of your hair before massaging in the oil. A great time to do this in the evening and then you can wash the oil out in the morning.

So enjoy this natural beauty tip!  And remember what I shared with you today. Natural beauty starts on the inside. If you’ve been putting off your health or self-care for any reason, it’s never too late to dive in! And I’d love to help you regain your health so you can feel great and enjoy your life fully. If you’d like to explore how I can support you to have unstoppable health, please connect with me here.

Until then, have a beautiful day!


What stress and gas have in common

Are you struggling with symptoms like bloating and gas? Low energy? Extra pounds that just won’t seem to go away?

Ugh, these symptoms are awful and yet SO common. Nearly every client that I’ve ever worked with in the last 16 years has had at least one of them.

Today, I want to share with you some insider information on a little hormone called CRH that may just be the reason you continue to experience symptoms. I’ll also share 3 tools to help you rebalance this hormone and start feeling better.

CRH, corticotropin-releasing hormone, is the hormonal precursor to cortisol~our primary stress hormone.

CRH does a lot of important things in your body and I want to be clear that neither CRH or cortisol are the bad guy. However, when you encounter stress often, as many of us do, and you don’t have tools to minimize your stress on the regular, that’s when your health goes downhill and you start to see and feel symptoms.

2 big ways that CRH cause weight imbalance and gut issues

  1. CRH lowers your stomach acid HCL. You need to have healthy levels of HCL in your stomach so that you can properly digest your food to make energy and think clearly. It’s also a really important part of your immune system and kills bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that you come in contact with through food, water and life. If you don’t have enough HCL and you get an infection, this can cause symptoms like gas, bloating, low energy, and excess body fat.
  2. Imbalanced CRH decreases growth hormone, considered by many to be the “fountain of youth hormone”. Among many things, growth hormone helps us maintain healthy muscle to fat ratio and have more energy.

Best advice?

You aren’t immune to stress. None of us are. Your body gets stressed from all kinds of things: poor diet, not drinking enough water, lack of or too much movement, job stress, relationship stress, financial stress, feeling overwhelmed…the list goes on and on! And I want to be clear that there’s no such thing as life without stress. We need some challenges in order to get stronger and not die of boredom, but if you are having symptoms, your body is telling you that things have gotten out of hand. You can act now, or wait until it gets a lot worse, but it won’t just improve on its own.

3 tools to help you rebalance

  1. Take reset breaks often throughout your day. A reset break can be as simple as a few deep breaths or something like Pleasure Meditation (a 1-3 minute joyful stress reduction practice).
  2. Get a good night’s sleep. Aim to get to bed by 11pm (earlier if you have to be up earlier in the morning). Research shows that 7-8 hrs of sleep each night does wonders for your mind, body and gut and that we need a minimum of 7 hours per night to sustain health.
  3. Customize your diet. Eating the foods that work best for you is a key part of reducing weight, gas and low energy. Start a food journal so you can begin to notice the foods that work best for your body or even better, get in touch with me to test for your optimal diet.

Until next time, I’m wishing you unstoppable health!


Dandelion Caramel Nut Tea

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you about this delicious tea that’s loaded with health benefits!
One of my dear clients brought me a couple of bags as a gift last week and besides being suuuuper tasty, it’s also good for you.

What’s so good about it?

Dandelion root is a key ingredient to Teeccino Dandelion Caramel Nut tea and it’s loaded with benefits such as:

  • Stimulates bile, a necessary digestive agent
  • Increases the clearing of toxins through the liver
  • Improves blood sugar balance and insulin production
  • Is rich in fiber (this tea contains inulin which is a prebiotic soluble fiber that feeds your gut flora)
  • Is high in antioxidants so helps protect your cells against damage
  • Also, this tea is certified gluten-free & caffeine free

Find more dandelion root benefits here.

What’s it taste like?

Like chicory root coffee mixed with a subtle caramel flavor. Seriously yummy.
I love to share information like this with my clients and with you because when I know that when you’ve got tools in your toolkit for how to take better care of yourself and fix your symptoms all while enjoying yourself and not feeling deprived, that’s what we call a win! That’s the path to creating awesome health.

Want even more guidance and support? Are you someone whose health symptoms are stopping you from living life fully?I’d love to hear from you! Click here and tell me how I can help.

Until next time, I’m wishing you Unstoppable Health!