Paleo Inspired Desserts Class

The problem most of us face when trying to lock down a healthy diet and lifestyle is either a shortage of appealing alternatives OR deep down wanting to keep doing what we are used to doing more than we want to change what we are doing that’s keeping us unhealthy.

I’ve got a solution to the first problem:  a whole bunch of fabulous recipes and cooking classes! For those of you who don’t live in my area, contact me after my class and I will hook you up with some recipes. For the rest of ya, join me and my good friend Dr. Holly German on Tuesday, Oct 8th at 6pm at the west side New Leaf for our Paleo Inspired Desserts Class! Sign up now because it is nearing max enrollment.

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I will also be teaching a super awesome holiday cooking class on Monday, Nov 11th at 6pm so mark your calendar now. More details to come, but the theme will be grain-free and sugar-free holiday recipes that can healthily replace less healthy options without losing the smiles and “mmmm’s” from yourself, friends, and family.

Attitude and having great alternatives is the key to your success so get ready to rock this season! 🙂