When the New Year’s Honeymoon is Over…

While some of you may be consistent with your health habits (high fives!), I am already noticing the annual trend I call “The New Year’s Honeymoon is Over”. This is the transition time where we really see the distinction between those that feel they “should” make healthy changes and resolutions from those who are “committed” to creating permanent healthier habits.

In my work as a nutritionist and transformational coach, I am not interested in fads, quick fixes, or temporary improvements because I’ve seen over more than 2 decades that they don’t lead to any sustained improvement in quality of life. The people who work with me discover that while they may want a quick fix for whatever symptom is ailing them (I mean, who doesn’t want to feel better immediately?!), there is so much more happening below the surface. Our mindset is what drives our habits. Until we create alignment with the results we say we want and the accountability of creating a lifestyle that supports those outcomes, results will be inconsistent or temporary.

So today, I invite you to take a look at where you are showing up in a committed way in your life with your health and wellness. In what areas do you consistently create results? It is here that you will discover your commitment. Lean into this place. Commitments are so much deeper than “shoulds”. We don’t sustain changes when they come from a place of obligation. Get clear on the benefits your health provides to you and those you love. What do you love to do, how do you love to spend your time…and if your health were suffering, how would all of that change? I want you to really picture this because in this moment of truth is a tremendous opportunity to step into a new way of BEING.

Many of you know that life isn’t fair and that there are no guarantees to any of us having consistent health. BUT, if you are committed to feeling great in your body and mind, the way you take care of yourself will certainly impact the likelihood that you will create a life where you enjoy being alive and healthy.

Before we say goodbye for today, I’d like to share some recipes I recently came across. We all know that variety is the spice of life and when we have healthy options for variety, we are more likely to be consistent on our path to wellness, so here you go:

It is my passion to work with people like you whose health symptoms are getting in the way of you living life fully and with a sense of freedom in your body. I can help you to regain your health so you can feel great and free to enjoy life fully.

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Until next time, I’m wishing you unstoppable health!


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