What you need to know about chlorella, mercury absorption & your health

Chlorella is an algae with potent detoxification-boosting power. When taken 30 minutes before eating seafood, chlorella helps prevent mercury absorption.


Almost 90% of mercury is eliminated through stool. Chlorellafacilitates the removal of mercury through stool. This is good for 2 reasons. One, you don’t absorb that mercury into your tissues. Two, since you aren’t burdening your intestines with more mercury, mercury stored in other areas of the body like muscles, bones, and connective tissue more readily migrates to the intestines and can be removed.

Why you want to PREVENT mercury absorption

Mercury is a heavy metal and a neurotoxin. Mercury tends to accumulate in vital organs and tissues and can contribute to all sorts of damage to your health including kidney failure, poor memory, senility, impeded nerve cell communication, muscle weakness, vision problems, weakened immunity, and speech impairment.  Mercury has a very long half-life and unless actively removed, remains active (and detrimental) to the central nervous system for 15-30 years!

How are we exposed to mercury?

Here are just a few ways we are exposed to mercury.

  • Diet: High-fructose corn syrup (so pretty much all processed food) and seafood (contains mercury since atmospheric mercury settles in the ocean).
  • At the dentist: Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. The particles you are exposed to when you don’t opt for non-amalgam fillings are a health hazard. Brushing, eating, drinking, and temperature changes in your mouth all increase the amount of mercury vapors that are released and therefore absorbed into tissues (brain, kidneys). Check out this video for a visual.
  • Occupation: Conventional farming (fungicides), fluorescent light manufacturing, and biomedical facilities.
  • Household: Broken fluorescent lights, thermometers, and exterior paint pre-1990’s.
  • Environment: Drinking water, air, and ocean from coal-fueled power plants and some naturally occurring mercury.
  • Preservative in some vaccines.

Additional benefits of chlorella

  • Increases reduced glutathione, the master antioxidant
  • Binds with other environmental toxins such as dioxins
  • Nutritious: highly absorbable amino acids, vitamin B12, B6 and beta carotene
  • Helps restore bowel flora
  • Anti-viral
  • Helps repair damaged neurons

Chlorella doesn’t replace a full heavy metal detoxification program. If you are concerned that you have heavy metal overload, a hair tissue mineral analysis is recommended. Qualified professional such as naturopathic doctorsacupuncturists, some chiropractorsbiological dentists, and certain nutritionists who are trained in heavy metal detox protocol can guide you through testing, results interpretation, and a safe protocol to remove heavy metals. It is important to receive proper guidance to avoid further damaging your tissues. When you mobilize toxins that have been stored in your body, you need to ensure they are swiftly removed; otherwise they are an even greater health hazard.

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