Top 20 High Fiber, Low Carb Veggies

Today we’re going to talk about how you can feel more satisfied from your meals, keep your appetite in check, and encourage your body to sustain a healthy amount of body fat.

There’s a happy balance between getting plenty of fiber in your diet and nutrient dense carbs versus high starch ones. You see, foods like grains, veggies, and fruits are all sources of carbohydrates. They differ greatly in how much fiber they provide and how much starch (plant sugar) they have.

Over the years of working with many clients, I’ve noticed that the majority of people who struggle to release body fat for good and feel satisfied after their meals tended to be eating too much starch and not enough fiber.

What are net carbs?

Simple. You take the total amount of carbs in a food and subtract out the fiber. Fiber isn’t digestible and so it doesn’t raise blood sugar or insulin, but it’s great for your healthy gut bacteria, helps digestion, and supports sustained weight release.

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Top 20 List

The following 20 veggies are all low in net carbs. When serving size is equal (1/2 cup, 100 grams), here’s the list from least net carbs to most net carbs.

  1. Broccoli raab (total carbs=2.85, fiber=2.7, net carbs=.15)
  2. Watercress (total carbs=1.29, fiber=.5, net carbs=.79)
  3. Bok Choy (total carbs=2.18, fiber=1, net carbs=1.18)
  4. Celery (total carbs=2.97, fiber=1.6, net carbs=1.37)
  5. Spinach (total carbs=3.63, fiber=2.2, net carbs=1.43)
  6. Mustard Greens (total carbs=4.67, fiber=3.2, net carbs=1.47)
  7. Asparagus (total carbs=3.88, fiber=2.1, net carbs=1.78)
  8. Radish (total carbs=3.4, fiber=1.6, net carbs=1.8)
  9. Avocado (total carbs=8.64, fiber=6.8, net carbs=1.84)
  10. Arugula (total carbs=3.65, fiber=1.6, net carbs=2.05)
  11. Zucchini (total carbs=3.11, fiber=1, net carbs=2.11)
  12. Swiss Chard (total carbs=3.74, fiber=1.6, net carbs=2.14)
  13. Mushrooms (total carbs=3.26, fiber=1, net carbs=2.26)
  14. Kohlrabi (total carbs=6.2, fiber=3.6, net carbs=2.6)
  15. Tomato (total carbs=3.89, fiber=1.2, net carbs=2.69)
  16. Olives (total carbs=6, fiber=3.2, net carbs=2.8)
  17. Eggplant (total carbs=5.88, fiber=3, net carbs=2.88)
  18. Bell pepper (total carbs4.6, fiber=1.7, net carbs=2.9)
  19. Cauliflower (total carbs=4.97, fiber=2, net carbs=2.97)
  20. Green cabbage (total carbs=6.1, fiber=3.1, net carbs=3)

Start replacing high starch foods like breads, crackers, pastas, and sweets with more of these foods. You can start by replacing even half of your usual high starch portion with one of these higher fiber, nutrient dense options.

Want even more guidance and support? I’d love to hear from you! Click here and tell me how I can help.

Until next time, I’m wishing you Unstoppable Health!


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