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I read something on Facebook this week called the 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy written by an insightful gal named Dana. This “feel good” list has served as a powerful bitch slap to me and the rest of us who have gotten sucked into the pity party that can accompany the day-to-day grind.

I consider myself to be a positive thinker. A huge part of my job is motivating and inspiring others to strive for great health. And I truly believe that over 80% of results aren’t from diet changes or exercising: results happen with an attitude absolutely focused on claiming good health. People who genuinely believe they deserve results do the work to obtain them.

A person with a winning attitude looks at the work ahead of them with both  joy and determination, not resentment and a lack of accountability. It is that difference which defines someone who will get great results from someone who will struggle with every meal, trip to the grocery store, holiday meal, and workout.

Read the 15 Things list. Pick one thing from that list that speaks to you, something you know deep down is holding you back from being healthy, happy, or both. For the next month, work on it every day.

I chose #6 “Give Up Complaining”. When I read that, it hit me that I have let my attitude shift into a realm shared by many where when someone asks how we are, we talk about what is wrong in our lives…”Oh man am I tired today…”…”I’m so busy with…”…”I never have time for…”

Even if all of these things are true, they don’t need to be the center of attention. Choosing different vocabulary to describe things (saying your life is “full” rather than “busy”) or saying things with a solution in mind rather than just to feel sorry for yourself or to have others feel sorry for you (i.e. I never have time for *blank*, but I could have time for *blank* if I do *blank*) leads to more authentic, interesting conversations. Let’s not sit around and talk about what is wrong, but some of the good things that are going on and how that can lead to something we want out of life.

This is my journey for the next month. So far, it is AWESOME and I am buzzing with energy and looking for the silver lining in daily living. Join me and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I love this! I posted that list the other day…..It definitely spoke to me!! #2) Give up your need for control….thats the one I am working on. So far, so great 😉 xoxo


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