The Powerful Benefits of Vitamin C

Happy 2020!!!

Let’s kick the New Year off right by giving your body some powerful health advantages.

Vitamin C is famous for making your immune system strong, but did you know that it also has other health benefits?
Yes, in fact, this water-soluble vitamin has attracted attention among researchers over the years. Let’s explore some of its benefits!

Vitamin C Supports Your Immune System

Vitamin C protects you from infections and even helps combat chronic diseases. It supports the cellular processes of the immune system so that they can prevent infectious organisms from causing harm to your body.
Do you easily catch colds? That may be a clue your system needs more vitamin C.

Vitamin C Has Anti-Aging Effects

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant–meaning, it fights the free radicals in the body. One source of free radicals comes from your own tissues as they produce energy. You are also exposed to free radicals in your environment such as air pollution and UV light from the sun.
Free radicals cause damage to your cells.
One theory about aging is that we age because we have accumulated free radical damage over time. Vitamin C, being one of the most potent antioxidants (stops free radicals from damaging your tissues), can slow down the signs of aging.
Also, vitamin C supports the formation of collagen, a protein that acts like glue holding your body together. It also helps heal wounds, keeps bones and teeth strong, and maintains the health of your skin.
No wonder why vitamin C serum is a popular part of a skin regimen to maintain healthy, young-looking skin.

Vitamin C Fights Cancer Cells

When vitamin C breaks down in the body, it produces hydrogen peroxide. This substance damages tumor cells because they don’t have the capacity to remove hydrogen peroxide, like your normal cells do.
However, you need high doses of vitamin C to attack cancer cells. For example, some therapies administer vitamin C intravenously to bypass gut metabolism and excretion.
For those of you who don’t want to go the IV route, but want the health benefits of vitamin C, a great option is liposomal vitamin C. With this option, the vitamin is encapsulated in spherical vesicles made up of lipid bilayer. The liposome capsule is more effective in delivering vitamin C compared to other oral forms because it increases the absorption rate of vitamin C: PLUS it doesn’t cause irritation to the stomach.
This way, you get all the benefits of high-concentration vitamin C without the invasive method of an IV infusion or irritation to your gut.
PuraThrive Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C and Seeking Health Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C are both trusted brands. Check out the reviews and decide which one you’d prefer and then check with your practitioner before adding it in.
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