The 80/20 rule

Are you blocking yourself from being successful because you think you have to be perfect to get results? All of us have been there. Let me remind you that it isn’t necessary to make ideal health choices 100% of the time to be healthy, fit, strong, & happy.

The 80/20 Rule

This rule reminds you that if you want to maintain a healthy body and weight, you’ll need to make wise food choices more often than not, but it still allows you to feel like you are “sticking to your program” when you make occasional allowances for certain foods or occasionally larger portion sizes.

Aim daily food choices and portion sizes for 80% of what you think/know is ideal for you…and keep deviations from this ideal to 20%. This could mean that you ate the foods that you’ve learned through trial and error work well for your body at every meal, but maybe you had an extra square of dark chocolate for dessert or ate light meat chicken when you know you really feel best with dark meat chicken (or something like that).

The 80/20 rule is all about knowing that we need to give ourselves some wiggle room to maintain healthy eating over our lifetime. It is easy to become unmotivated if you feel like you’ve screwed up by not eating perfectly. So often this is used as an excuse to continue to eat poorly. That’s what is so great about the 80/20 rule: re-defining what is perfect to allow you to comfortably fit the mold!

Progress, not perfection

Make your new motto “progress, not perfection”. We are all coming from different paths on our journey to the road to health, so don’t feel badly if you notice you have a lot farther to come than a friend or colleague. Ask yourself instead if you’re making improvements every week? What have you changed since you started? What positive changes have you seen in your health since you started? These questions will remind you that your effort is paying off and it doesn’t matter if someone else is in better shape than you. There’s always going to be someone in the world who is in a lot worse shape than you and there’s always going to be someone in better shape. Don’t worry about them. You aren’t them and they aren’t  you. Work on your health, your choices, and your attitude towards yourself. Look at where you want to go and how far you’ve come and remember: you’re a success with progress, not perfection.

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