Thanksgiving recipes reinvented

The holidays can be challenging for all of us–family drama, the big production of hosting the “holiday meal”, and trying to navigate food choices that derail all the hard work you’ve put into your health all year. I’ve got some recipes to share that can at least help with the two latter challenges.

Brined Turkey: True, brining a turkey takes extra work, but dang, your bird will be so tender that you’ll find it is SO worth it!

Mashed Cauliflower: Flavorful and super low in carbs, great alternative to mashed potatoes…or you can go half and half with cauliflower and potatoes.

“Cornbread” Stuffing: Avoiding grains, gluten, or just trying to be kind to your blood sugar? This stuffing is the way to go!

Pumpkin Custard with whipped cream: One of my FAVORITE desserts any time of the year, but especially for Thanksgiving. 🙂

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