Taking action for the life you want!

Last week you discovered the 2nd key to better health & happiness so you can look and feel awesome. Click here if you missed it.

Today, you’re going to learn about the 3rd and final key called act.
Let’s quickly recap and put it all together so you can move forward with confidence and excitement!
Key 1 is reflect. This is where you took a moment to look at your habits from the outside and see which tools you currently use. Key 2 is define. This is where you got clear on what you deeply desire for yourself & and your health.
Now, you’ll layer in the act key. This allows you to transfer your current habits and what you want into smart action.

Be grateful: you’ve essentially created a pathway to your health goals with blinking arrows next to them, so that if followed, will lead you toward what you ultimately desire for yourself.
Here’s how you take smart action: you apply any current habits you can to your why (you can also call your why your goal). Any habits that push you further from what you desire most from your health must be upgraded and replaced. You can do this slowly over time or go for the “cold turkey” approach. The point is to take some smart action every day, one day at a time.

Additional guidance

If you are still unsure where to start, here’s a useful exercise. Make 2 lists (they don’t need to be long). The first list is your responses to the questions~when you were healthiest, what did you love about your life? What were you able to do that is hard or feels impossible for you now? What were you doing then to support that great healthy feeling (what were you eating, how were you moving your body, what support did you have)?
For list two, answer the questions~If your health isn’t where you’d like it to be, what is continually more challenging (for example: playing with your family or friends, focusing and being productive at work, sex life)? How are you suffering or struggling because of the action you’re currently taking?
The answers that you’ll come up with will tell you exactly where action needs to happen AND reinforce why taking action is important to you.
Here’s an example: One of my clients came to me because she wanted to lose 15 pounds because the excess body fat was taxing to her joints, she felt tired a lot which made her less productive at work and anti-social with her friends, and didn’t encourage intimacy in her relationship. She remembered how much better she felt when she was taking walks most days, not skipping meals or reaching for processed foods/drinks (and eating quality, whole foods), and taking some time for herself to recharge. Somewhere along the way, these had fallen by the wayside and she’d forgotten that they’d ever been a habit. She’d also forgotten why they’d been important to her in the first place. Stress had caused her to lose focus and put her self-care on the back burner…and then it felt impossible to get back to where she’d been.
Going through the 3 keys reflect, define and act served as a way for her to re-commit wholeheartedly. Now she’s dropped that 15 pounds, has more energy and creativity at work, wants to connect socially, and has more desire in her romantic relationship. In other words, she got what she focused on and put action toward. That is truly what it comes down to. Now, sometimes the stress in our lives causes deeper shifts to occur (hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, etc) and it isn’t as simple as returning to what worked for us before. If this sounds like you, I want to hear from you. Email me at rebecca@choosinghealthnow.com.
Getting what you deeply desire for your health may simply be the return to doing what worked best for you before. Start there. And then let your imagination ponder…what gifts will emerge for you?

Sending you health and wealth,

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