Take the 30 day “Love your body, love your health” wellness challenge!

Got any plans this next month? Well add this to the top of your list because without good health, you won’t be fully enjoying all the rest of the great stuff life has to offer.

I’m inviting you to take a 30 day “Love your body, love your health” wellness challenge! From Jan 14th till Valentine’s Day (aw, how sweet), commit to:

  1. Eating foods and amounts of foods that you know are nourishing, satisfying, and don’t sabotage your health.
  2. Incorporate movement you truly enjoy at least twice a week.
  3. Get 6-8 hrs of sleep every night.
  4. Drink half your body weight in ounces of clean water daily.
  5. Say 1 affirmation daily (i.e., “wow, my butt is looking pretty good today” or “I totally rocked that Sudoku puzzle”).

For some of you, this will be easy and for others, incredibly challenging. Do it anyway.
Please post your comments or questions here on the blog or on Facebook. Let’s support each other and do something truly nice for ourselves at the same time!

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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    This sounds fabulous. And I am in. Just one question, could you tell me how to get my one year old on board for the 6-8 hours of sound sleep?

  2. rebecca
    rebecca says:

    Glad to have you on board!
    The sleep doesn’t have to be consecutive (though that sure would be nice!). If you are getting less than 6 hrs of interrupted sleep, I hope you are able to get a nap, my dear.

  3. Christine Hirsch
    Christine Hirsch says:

    Rebecca – What a great idea, challenging but do-able. I hope it helps me loose some of this ‘stomach tire’ that I’m developing! Thanks!

  4. rebecca
    rebecca says:

    Today marks the first day of the “Love your body, love your health” wellness challenge. You can officially start treating your body like a temple. Give it all the respect it deserves!
    As far as checking in with each other, that’s up to you. There’s several options for giving and receiving support and encouragement from your team members:
    1) My blog. Write in the comments section. I’ll check it daily. You can too if you want.
    2) BodyBlueprinter forum (chat option available).
    3) Facebook Choosing Health fan page (chat option available).

    I’m excited to be on this with all of you and I look forward to hearing about your experience.

    Suggestions for today:
    Besides the 5 commitments of the challenge, I recommend taking some sort of initial assessment to be able to compare to at the end of the challenge. For example, if you are wanting to release weight, go ahead and record your weight today or measure your midsection (at the bellybutton). If you are trying to gain weight, same thing. If you are trying to eat more coconut oil, write down the amount you’ve previously eaten…you get the idea.

    You all rock. Have a terrific first day! 🙂

  5. Karinn
    Karinn says:

    OK, so here is my goal for this month in addition to what Rebecca says. I set a goal for myself in the beginning of December to loose the 10 pounds i gained a year ago after a bad break up. I have lost about 6. I have done this by cutting way back on sugar, eat mainly gluten free, lean proteins, lots of fresh fruits and veggies AND most important making sure I DON’T feel deprived. I also get a lot of exercise… Feb 15th will mark the one year anniversary of that bad break up. Since, I JUST went through another break up, not nearly as tragic, I find I will be single for V day. So my goal is to eat, indulge and love ONE truffle everyday until V day and STILL work on loosing those 10 pounds. The box of truffles was recently gifted to me by a woman I had lost touch with. I was her counselor years ago while she was getting herself out of a horrible relationship, drenched in Domestic Violence. So…years later, the other day she gives me this box of truffles out of love and thanks. I told myself I would not throw them away like I normally would, but eat them all, one each day, enjoy them, AND still meet my weight loss goal. SHIT YEAH!

  6. rebecca
    rebecca says:

    Wow, Karinn, thanks for your honesty and level of detail.
    I gave up sugar some time ago. I found it to be a major obstacle to optimal health and weight. Finding ways to not feel deprived is important and I’ve found that, similar to you, that getting plenty of protein is important for that. Equally as important are quality fats! If I don’t get the right amount of fat, I have cravings for sweets. Lastly, I have a slew of sugar free desserts that I have come up with over the years so that when I want to have dessert or bring a dessert to a party that doesn’t sabotage my health, I can!

  7. rebecca
    rebecca says:

    Barely got 6 hrs of sleep last night and boy do I feel it! Hope everyone else’s challenge is going well!
    Btw, I am reading this great book right now called “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape” by my colleague, Ben WIlson. It is very helpful in understanding emotional eating and tools for working through it if anyone struggles with that.


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