Plant Foods That Can Cause Skin Damage

I’ve had sensitive skin my whole life and sunburn easily, so when I learned about psoralens recently, it felt valuable to share.
If you or someone you care about are prone to sunburns, age spots/liver spots or skin cancer, listen up.
Psoralens are a naturally occurring substance found in certain foods that have been found to effect the skin. Specifically, when your skin is exposed to sunlight or another source of UV light, psoralens may have phototoxic effects as well as increased risk of skin cancer.

Two things to consider: There is a topical component and a dietary component. First, foods like citrus contain psoralens and if you have some on your skin and then go in the sun (like lemon juice, for example), it can lead to burns, rashes or blisters (phytophotodermatitis) because the psoralens make your skin extra sensitive to sunlight. So for anyone thinking of doing lemonade stands this summer, make sure to wash your skin of any juice before hanging out in the sun.
Second, eating a diet rich in psoralens combined with exposure to sunlight or UV light can also increase skin sensitivity and has been associated with an increased risk of skin cancer. This doesn’t mean that eating these foods will cause skin cancer, to be clear. But if you are celery juicing regularly, for example, and you are prone to skin damage and sun spots, you may want to consider the effect psoralens may be having.

Foods rich in psoralen include:
·  Anise seeds
·  Caraway seeds
·  Carrots
·  Celeriac
·  Celery
·  Chervil
·  Cilantro
·  Coriander seeds
·  Cumin seeds
·  Dill
·  Fennel seeds
·  Figs
·  Grapefruit
·  Lemons
·  Limes
·  Lovage
·  Mustard seeds
·  Parsley
·  Parsnips
·  Root parsley

I hope this information is helpful to you!

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