Are you ready to move your “health needle?”

Hi there!
Today I have a special announcement to share with you. 📣

Since 2001, I have been helping folks to feel healthier and more at home in their bodies.
Ever since I was a kid, I watched my Dad and other relatives struggling with their weight and other symptoms ranging from anxiety to heart conditions…and I saw a whole lot of unhealthy habits too. As a kid, I didn’t know how to help. I didn’t understand that almost all of those awful symptoms were linked to habits…choices that got made over and over again every day that were keeping the people I cared about sick or unhealthy and definitely not showing up in the world as their best selves. Sound familiar?

Clearly this struggling fueled me to want to be able to help make a difference in people’s lives and to help them discover how they could feel better in their own skin.
As many of you already know, this is the mission that I’ve been on most of my life. 😍

I’ve helped a lot of people over these decades through customized programs, testing, and one-on-one coaching. But there are people (maybe you’re one of them) who just aren’t ready to take that next step to do that level of work either by yourselves or with someone to support you. And that’s okay. I really appreciate that you are part of this community and reading these newsletters and thinking about how you can move your health needle. 🙏🏻

Because of you, during the pandemic, I decided to create a program called Unstoppable Health Basics. 🎉

If you think about health building as climbing a ladder, this is the rung on which we all need to start.
The purpose of UH Basics is for you to start to lay the most essential health foundations so that you can have the physical, mental, and emotional vitality to show up as your best self. In this program we will explore the essential strategies, tools and habits you need to start steering your health in the direction that will lead to long-term, sustainable results. This is a group based and self-paced program which allows me to offer it very affordably and for you to participate flexibly on your own schedule.
Enrollment is officially open!!! 🥳

If you’d like to learn more about it and see if it’s a good fit for you, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Unstoppable Health Discovery Session with me. 

👉 (subject to availability).

Again, I’m so grateful that you are part of this health building community and I’m thrilled by the possibility of you moving your health needle to the next level! 💗

Until next time, I’m wishing you unstoppable health!