Top Reasons Why You Feel Bloated

Do you have a problem with bloating?

Did you know that how much you eat isn’t the only reason for feeling bloated?

Certainly overeating can overburden your digestion and cause bloating, but you can still develop bloating because of the ingredients in what you eat.

Let’s check out some of these ingredients.


Salt is important, but too you need the right amount. Too much or too little and your body will want to retain extra fluid.

However, it’s not just the salt shaker that contains salt.

Processed foods, convenience foods, and foods you get from restaurants tend to contain A LOT of salt even when they don’t taste salty.

Opt for good quality salts like Himalayan and Celtic sea salt on fresh foods and limit what you take in from packaged foods.


Fats are very important for good health. However, fried foods, vegetable oils, and trans fats don’t fit into that category. Moreover, if you metabolize fats more slowly or have gallbladder or thyroid issues, you likely feel better when you consume foods that aren’t loaded up with fat or oil even healthy options. You may also want to consider lipase which is an enzyme that helps your body break down dietary fat.

Soda and carbonated beverages

Some people do just fine with carbonated beverages while others get distended by the bubbles. If you do notice that you experience bloating and it tends to show up after drinking bubbly drinks, it would be worth experimenting leaving them out for a few days to see if that’s a primary cause of your bloating (and possibly other symptoms).

High-fructose corn syrup

High-fructose corn syrup, which can be found in soda and fruit drinks…and many processed foods, cannot be absorbed quickly by your body. It’s one of the culprits of gas buildup in the abdomen, and in some people, it causes pain. 
Dairy products and Gluten

Some people are lactose intolerant, some gluten intolerant and many are intolerant to both. Their bodies are not able to break down the milk sugar lactose effectively or the protein gluten in wheat/rye/barley. In either case, it’s going to lead to breakdown in your gut and often bloating.

I hope that this is helpful to you in pinning down what’s causing your bloating so you can make some shifts and feel better. Now of course there are plenty of other reasons for bloating like hormonal imbalance, low stomach acid, and infections, but many times, making adjustments like I mentioned here are very helpful.

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