Delicious superfoods that heal your gut

Your gut health is the key that unlocks the health of your entire body.
Today I’d like to share some tasty foods with you that also nourish your gut and boost your health.

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Polyphenols and Your Gut

Polyphenols are a group of naturally occurring micronutrients in plants that give plants their color. They also help to protect plants from various dangers (insects, UV damage, diseases). When you eat plants with polyphenols, you reap the health benefits as well. There are over 500 polyphenols found in different plants!
Polyphenols are processed by your gut bacteria. When your gut bacteria breaks them down, the metabolites contribute to the maintenance of gut health and overall health in a couple key ways:

  1. Polyphenols support gut microbial balance. They enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of pathogens. In this way they help your gut health much like probiotics and prebiotics do. 
  2. Polyphenols are rich in antioxidants so they help reduce inflammation and protect your cells (including your gut cells and brain cells) from damage. Polyphenols have also been found to promote cognitive function.

Foods Rich in Polyphenols

The spice cloves are the #1 highest source of polyphenols. Other great sources are cocoa, green tea, olives, olive oil, artichokes, thyme, rosemary, curry powder, star anise, hazelnuts, pecans, berries, coffee and red wine (but be careful not to overdo those last two or you cancel out the benefits!).

It’s best to get your polyphenols from foods rather than supplements. Using this list to guide you, look at how you can add some of these herbs, spices and foods into your diet.

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