Sugar-free chocolate mousse

This is the first Nutritious Delicious video in a series of sugar-free dessert series. We were inspired to do this series by our many patients and clients who want to get off of sugar but feel challenged by doing so. Our hope is that by having healthy sweet alternatives that getting and staying off of sugar will be an easier and more sustainable process.  We hope you enjoy making and eating this mousse as much as we do. 🙂


8 oz grass-fed organic whipping cream (We like Kalona brand. Bonus if you get raw cream. 🙂 )

2 Tbsp raw unsweetened cacao powder

2-6 drops flavored liquid stevia (We used vanilla cream but other options are – toffee, raspberry, valencia orange. Liquid is much easier to use than powdered.)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Optional toppings: cacao nibs, nuts, raspberries, orange zest

Serves 2

How to:

Place all ingredients into a large bowl and whip it good! We prefer using a hand blender (so much easier to use and clean) but you could also use a regular blender or food processor. Whip for a minute (or less) until desired consistency is reached. Start on a low speed to avoid powdered cacao explosion! Chill for 1+ hour and enjoy!


Why Stevia?

Stevia is a very sweet-tasting herb that is gaining popularity for use as a sugar-substitute. It is chemical-free and now comes in a variety of flavors. Stevia is a great alternative to sugar because unlike other sweeteners (even honey and agave) it does not raise your blood glucose (blood sugar) when you consume it. On the contrary, it actually supports your pancreas in insulin and glucose metabolism.

Try it in sugar-free desserts, coffee, or tea and see if you can feel the difference. Remember, when using Stevia – less is more! Start with a couple of drops and then gradually increase to your taste preferences. 

More info about Stevia here

Purchase flavored Stevia here 


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