Stress-free Me~HeartMath© Building Personal Resilience Program

Take charge of how you FEEL!  This empowering program will show you the keys to transforming your energy drains and stress triggers so you can enjoy more energy, better brain function, and feel like your best self.

    • 8 weeks of one-on-one coaching sessions to show you how to build your stress resilience & feel better (phone, Skype, or in-person)
    • Building Personal Resilience Guidebook
    • Optional: Biofeedback device (click picture below)

Contact me for more information about how this program will help you!

HeartMath: Inner Balance sensor for iOS

Benefits of practicing HeartMath techniques consistently include improved optimism, gratitude, creativity, job satisfaction, mental focus, sleep, digestion/heartburn/upset stomach, patience, pain reduction, fatigue reduction, anger reduction, anxiety reduction, stress reduction…and much more!