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My specialty as a health coach is self-care: those actions individuals take to improve or maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health. I am grateful to work with people all over the world to coach UP their health through improving their self-care (optimizing diet, sleep, exercise, and digging into each client’s unique stress burden). While working together, my clients share with me the improvements to their quality of life–they feel better and are more able to be fully committed to their lives. They enjoy more physical energy, feel more emotionally balanced and mentally capable. The positive impact these benefits have on the people in their lives, their work, and how they are able to participate in their community are huge. When we don’t enjoy good health and we are suffering with symptoms, we are incapable of doing much more than getting through the day. When we feel great, we’re more helpful, patient, communicative, playful, curious, and creative. This is why self-care is not selfish (a commonly used excuse I hear as to why someone has poor self-care). Through taking care of your basic essential needs, your participation in life goes up and everybody around you wins.

A key piece to health improvements and self-care is intelligent energy management. I’ve learned some amazing tools through becoming a Certified HeartMath Coach.

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Here are 4 great tips for building resilience, your capacity for handling and recovering from life’s challenges.

Learning that you can change how your body reacts to stress is a HUGE gift. It’s a game changer!

Click here to learn more about Stress-Free Me and how you can change your life.

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