Salmon Avocado Seaweed Wraps

Nutritious Delicious is happy to bring you the 7th and final breakfast of our series. These wraps are a quick and easy way to get 2 servings of veggies, healthy protein, antioxidants, and essential omega-3 fats. Enjoy our video here.


1 Can Wild Pacific red salmon (packed in water)

1 Avocado

1 Package small Nori wraps or several large Nori sheets (we used Sea’s Gift Korean Seaweed)

1/4 lemon

Sea salt, garlic powder, and parsley to taste

How to:

Empty the entire can of salmon into your bowl, including the liquid, skin, and small bones. Add the entire avocado. Add about 1 tsp lemon juice and seasoning. Smush (yes, that is a technical term) it all together with a fork. Spoon it onto your nori paper and roll it up. Enjoy!


Why Nori?

We use Nori wraps instead of bread or tortilla because Nori is hypoallergenic (unlike wheat) and very low in carbs. Nori also contains Iodine, an essential nutrient that is critical for healthy thyroid function and not in many foods.

Why Wild Salmon?

As we mentioned, farmed or “Atlantic” salmon is highly toxic and contains chemicals like PCB’s and Dioxins which have a negative impact on hormonal health. Wild salmon is one of the cleanest fish available and one of the few foods that contain essential Omega 3 fats an an easily absorbable form.

For more info on seafood and toxins check out the Environmental Working Group’s Safe Fish List.

In health,

Rebecca & Holly

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