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You deserve this…

Do you ever stop and look at your life and wonder how the heck you got here? Does it feel like someone left the fast-forward button on in your life and you just don’t know how the heck to make things feel more manageable? And are you struggling with any of these typical stress symptoms like the dreaded bulging midsection, brain fog, losing your temper, feeling anxious, and trouble sleeping?
I feel you! And here’s the thing: You deserve to love your life and feel good. Hang with me for some solutions below.

Yes, you!

My specialty as a health coach is self-care: those actions you take to improve or maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health. Good health is your greatest asset. When you know how to coach UP your health through improving your self-care (optimizing diet, sleep, exercise, and eliminating your unique stress burden) results like feeling better, looking healthier and being more able to be fully committed to your life are common. Busy people just like you enjoy more physical energy, feel more emotionally balanced and mentally capable. Imagine the positive impact these benefits would have in your life, your work, and how you are able to participate in your community.
When you don’t enjoy good health and are suffering with symptoms, you are incapable of doing much more than getting through the day. When you feel great, you’re more helpful, patient, communicative, playful, curious, and creative. This is why self-care is not selfish (a commonly used excuse given as to why someone has poor self-care). Through taking care of your essential needs, your participation in life goes up and everybody around you wins, including you.

Work smarter, not harder

A key piece to health improvements and self-care is intelligent energy management (aka responding to the world with your thoughts and feelings in ways that renew rather than deplete you). I’ve learned some amazing tools through becoming a Certified HeartMath Coach that will make a positive difference in your life every single day.
Here are 3 solid options for you depending on how ready you are to feel better and kick your symptoms to the curb.

  1. If all you want is a baby step, here are 3 great tips for building resilience, your capacity for handling and recovering from life’s challenges, over the holidays.
  2. If you’re ready for a slightly bigger step, here is a simple daily 3-minute practice for building your gratitude and pleasure awareness.
  3. If you are ready to feel better YESTERDAY, click here to learn more about Stress-Free Me and how you can change your life. Stress-Free Me is every busy person’s survival guide. It’s a program that empowers you through one-on-one coaching to become the boss of your stress so you can look and feel great again.

Learning that you can change how your body reacts to stress is a HUGE gift. It’s a game changer!

You deserve to love your life. Let me show you how to take care of your most important asset–your health–with Stress-Free Me.


If you want some great tips for getting fit, fabulous and fierce, don’t miss my interview on Dec 22nd in the Commit to Be Fit Revolution Summit!

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