Pili Nuts: Your Favorite New Fat Burning Snack!

Summer is upon us! Summertime often means being out and about, traveling & taking vacations, and going on outdoor adventures. These all introduce the risk of being out of your normal day to day routine and potentially without healthy food choices; getting stuck somewhere being hungry (and hangry) and experiencing low blood sugar; feeling a drop in energy and reaching for less than ideal food options.
I want you to fully enjoy your summertime fun and that is why today I am sharing with you an awesome fat burning snack that I’ve recently been enjoying.

I’m excited to share this with you because my passion is to work with people like you whose health symptoms–like gut/digestive issues, excess weight, low energy, and skin & sleep problems–are getting in the way of you living life fully and with a sense of freedom in your body. I help you to regain your health so you can feel great and free to enjoy every season, not just summertime!

Pili Nuts

If you’ve never heard of pili nuts before, I’m not surprised. They’re not nearly as well known as other nuts, but they are superior to most nuts in several ways.

Native to the Philippines, Pili nuts have a rich buttery taste. They are a complete protein, are rich in magnesium, manganese, and Vitamin B1 and have the lowest carbohydrate content of any other nuts! They are truly a ketogenic nut (helps your body to burn fat for energy).

Pili nuts are great snacks to sustain your energy and satisfy your appetite. You can also toss them on salads as you would other nuts/seeds.

Look for them in your local health food stores or you can find them on Amazon. I like the brands Pure Traditions and Pili Hunters (they are sprouted which increases the digestibility and nutrients; organic; and non-GMO). Be sure to check the ingredients as some of their flavored options have ingredients you may not want. I really like the Himalayan Salt flavor.

If you would like to explore how to take your health to the next level faster, let’s chat about it!
You can set up a complimentary Unstoppable Health Discovery Session with me here. Currently I am booking out 2-3 weeks, so book your spot here right away if you’d like my support.

Until next time, I’m wishing you unstoppable health!


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