Paleo apple-cinnamon cookies

My Sunday morning was spent trying out this paleo apple-cinnamon cookie recipe from one of my favorite recipe blogs Nom Nom Paleo. My 20 month old daughter and her 2 year old buddy made wonderful cooking assistants.

There is nothing unhealthy in these cookies, so we had no problem eating them shortly after breakfast. That’s my kind of cookie. 🙂 Those eating a gluten-free or dairy-free diet will appreciate them too!

Ingredients and full recipe with lots of pictures available here.

Disclaimer: These cookies were yummy, but definitely not very sweet–and I don’t eat sugar. I think they would make an awesome crust for a fruit pie, are wonderful dipped in whipped cream (or maybe homemade vanilla custard…mmm), and would probably be even yummier with a few raisins thrown into the dough.

Having said that, they were tasty, satisfying, nutritious, and the kids loved them. 🙂

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