A pain free body through The Egoscue Method®

Named after the creator, Pete EgoscueThe Egoscue Method® is a posture and movement type of body therapy directed at restoring range of motion and function. Egoscue is considered to be “the world leader in non-medical pain relief”.

The Egoscue Method® started in 1978 in San Diego and currently has over 25 clinics worldwide and millions of followers. One of the primary goals of any certified Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS) is client education. By inviting clients to take responsibility for their healing process, client accountability and follow-through with their menu (list of Egoscue exercises or “e-Cises”) increases dramatically.

How does it work?

Clients can meet with certified specialists at a clinic or privately for a health history, posture assessment and photos. From there, the PAS designs a menu to restore function. Generally, the menu given to the client is done daily at first. Once the pain has subsided, a new menu may be given to further improve function and strength of the body as a unit.

It is the breakdown of proper functioning of our joints and muscles that lead to pain via muscle compensation, limitation of flexibility, and muscular imbalance. Unexplained pain (pain without an obvious injury) is incredibly common. It’s so common that we forget that it isn’t normal to be in pain: pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. Rather than listening to this signal, we may write pain off as “my bum knee” or explain to others how “this shoulder’s always been weaker than the other” without realizing that we are ignoring critical body language that we are losing function.

Static back, a very effective e-Cise for reducing pain in many areas of the body, especially back pain.

Since each part of the body influences another part, when one area, such as the ankle, starts to compensate, it affects every other area of the body. The lack of function in your ankle can literally lead to pain in your shoulder or neck! (To experience this, pretend that you have a sprained ankle and walk around for 5 minutes. Observe what starts to hurt and become tired. Now imagine what would hurt if you did this for 5 years!) This is what makes The Egoscue Method team so effective at helping clients find relief from chronic pain: by addressing proper function of the body as a whole, not just focusing on the area that hurts.

Among the 25 clinics worldwide, both San Jose and San Francisco have clinics. Alternatively, hopping on the Egoscue Method® bandwagon includes the option of meeting in a non-clinical setting with a certified PAS.

Living in pain isn’t the only option. To learn more, read a copy of Pain Free or any of Pete’s other books. Your journey to pain free living may be easier to achieve than you realize.

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