Orgasms help balance hormones & reduce stress

Replace your morning “cup of joe” with a morning “Oh!”

As if anyone needs convincing to have an orgasm, but did you know that they are awesome for your health?!

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According to The Hormone Cure by Dr. Sara Gottfried, orgasms are beneficial for hormone balancing and reducing stress (both hormonally and psychologically). Other health experts agree that orgasms are beneficial to the body and mind. Here are 5 examples:

  1. Release of oxytocin (within 60 seconds of orgasm). Women produce more oxytocin than men both physiologically and neurologically.
  2. Decreases cortisol (thank you, oxytocin!) our primary stress hormone. Decreasing cortisol helps our stress tolerance as well as helps our sex hormones stay balanced.
  3. Both female orgasm and sexual stimulation raise estradiol (one of our three types of estrogen) in premenopausal women. Estradiol makes the genital skin sensitive, promotes blood flow to pelvic muscles, helps the tissues stay supple/hydrated making orgasms more likely and stronger, and helps protect us against heart disease and osteoporosis.
  4. Increases DHEA, the hormone we make to balance out cortisol. DHEA improves brain function, body-fat to muscle ratio, helps us repair and maintain healthy tissue, boosts the immune system and promotes healthy skin.
  5. Pain relief and better sleep? Yup. Endorphins.

Orgasms especially good for women?

One caveat to orgasm frequency is that there may be a gender difference when it comes to health benefits. Women benefit from the amount of orgasms they have, the more the merrier, whereas an emerging area of research suggests that men should engage in plenty of sex while saving their ejaculations for monthly or bi-weekly special occasions. Don’t shoot the messenger! I’m not telling the guys not to have orgasms and the women to have as many as possible: that’s your decision after reading the research. Apparently though, men perform better in other areas of their life (business, creativity, productivity, sport and physical performance) when they have fewer ejaculations. The opposite is true for women. Some evidence reveals that female orgasm unlocks an altered state of consciousness. Fascinating!

So, now you have 5 more reasons to appreciate your orgasms. I started this article with a reference to morning O’s (it certainly can put a bounce in your step, a smile on your face and energize you as well as if not better than coffee), but there isn’t an agreed upon time of day that is better to orgasm. Go with what works for you. 🙂


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