New Year’s Resolution Guide: 3 Success-Boosting Tips

Along with the feeling of closure that this time of year brings, we also feel the excitement and promise of another year about to begin.

While it is useful to set goals throughout the year, there is special momentum to New Year’s goals. Try these 3 success-boosting tips!

  1. Commit to 1 or 2 resolutions. Over committing to goals is a sure way to not follow through. Failure breeds failure, so to end your cycle of falling through with your goals, keep it as conservative and simple as possible. Success is important for future morale!
  2. Choose goals you really care about. Choosing resolutions that you are emotionally invested in is paramount to your success. Don’t choose goals that others think you should choose. If your goals aren’t really important to you, you probably won’t follow through when the going gets tough. Health and fitness goals are a dime a dozen. While certainly worthwhile, pick a resolution you truly think you can stick to.
  3. Write down your resolution(s), tell friends, and shout it from the rooftops! We rarely accomplish important tasks/goals completely alone. Having the encouragement and support of people you see every day will help you succeed. Post reminders where appropriate (on the fridge or pantry if your resolution is dietary related, for example). If you have a fitness goal, put workouts on your calendar with an alert so that you will be reminded.

Learn from your past mistakes and make this year count. You do have the potential to make a positive change to your life. Happy and successful New Year!

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