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Happy hump day!
Last week you discovered the first key to better health & happiness so you can look and feel awesome. Click here if you missed it.
Today, you’re going to learn about the 2nd key called define. This is your moment to get clear on what you deeply desire for yourself and your greatest asset: your health.
Before we jump into that, don’t miss your last chance to hear my interview on “Unlocking health & beauty: Breaking up with stress so you can look and feel your best!” in the free HEALTHY, WEALTHY and SLIM summit!! Check it out!
Okay back to the “define key.” This is what allows you to form the best plan to get you the results that you want!

Generic goals yield generic results–how very unsatisfying! You’ve got to focus your wants like a laser…and then take it further and know WHY having your wants met is so super important to you. (Psst! If it’s not that important, then you need to pick something else!)
Many of you have shared how you’ve used the guidance of these newsletters to guide your vision for getting clear on what you want for yourself and your health and why that desire is so important to you. This is your WHY. If you are feeling stuck here, email me right now so you can move forward. Your WHY, what will pull you forward toward your goal no matter what, is what trumps willpower. Every. Single. Time. So make sure you don’t skip this step!
Post your WHY someplace that you can read it and feel it every single day.
Next time, I’ll reveal how to use the 3rd key to take smart action toward what you deeply desire for yourself & and your health. Until then, go forth and be AWESOME!


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