Keto Wine?

Have you heard about this new ketogenic, toxin-free wine? I’m not even a wine drinker and this made me so excited since many of my family, friends, and clients are!

Here’s the run down. Conventional wines can throw a big monkey wrench into your health and weight goals for several reasons: they contain sugar, sulfites, glyphosate, sawdust, and dyes~you should never get “wine teeth”.

Instead, natural wine is REAL wine. It’s organic, sugar/carb free, mold-free, gluten-free doesn’t contain glyphosate, is very low in sulfites, lower in alcohol, bio dynamically farmed (grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides and is rich in beneficial bacteria so it can actually support gut health and reduce inflammation…and apparently, this wine is DELICIOUS!

You can source it here and I am excited to share this info with you today so that you can take one step closer to unstoppable health!

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