Is your diet making you cranky?

Are you feeling impatient, energy tanking during the day, and finding yourself always looking for a snack?

Your body may be trying to tell you something.
These symptoms are frequently linked to food stress. I’m going to share with you the top 3 common causes of food stress and the solutions you need to start feeling better.

1) Lack of good quality protein. You may either not be getting enough protein throughout the day OR the protein you are getting may not be digesting properly. Some great sources of easily assimilated protein are collagen, plant protein, and moringa powder. They can be added to smoothies like this one to give your body energy, good mood support, and help you feel satisfied rather than always looking for something to snack on.

2) Not getting good fats. Fats from food are needed to make hormones (some of these hormones help you to recover from stress!). Seeking out good quality fats and oils can be a real game changer for you. Examples are coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, grass-fed butter, macadamia nut oil, avocados, nuts and seeds. Poor oils can lead to cellular damage, inflammation and low energy so be sure to avoid trans fats and vegetable oils like soybean, canola, corn, and safflower.

3) Overdoing the wrong carbs. Carbs that support energy, mood and satiety are leafy greens, above ground veggies, and low sugar fruits like berries. It’s easy to go overboard on carbs if you are eating foods made from flour (dense in carbs and quickly converted into sugar in your body), so bread, pasta, tortillas, and chips can easily lead to increases in appetite, inconsistent energy, and irritability for many people. Here are 3 great pasta alternatives for you to try instead.

These food stress solutions can make a real difference in your day. I’m so excited for you to have a more balanced appetite, more energy, & feel more positive.

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