How do you know when it’s time to move on?

Do you feel deep down that you aren’t getting your needs met? That you want more and better even if you cannot picture how? If your answer is yes, this can bring up strong feelings and I want to support you by addressing this today.

Every day you make choices that change the course of your life. Where you’re at with how you earn a living, your family and friend relationship dynamics, and your current state of health, it’s not by accident. Your life is largely made of your daily choices. I’d like you to answer one simple question: Which of your choices are truly working for you?

There’s a pattern that divides those who seem to reach every goal they set and those who are always struggling. If you are someone who is struggling to reach your health goals, what’s underneath your struggle (feeling overwhelmed, feeling exhausted, not sticking with healthy eating habits, not knowing how to cook, sitting all day for work, not getting the support you need)?
If you want to be a success story, you’ve got to be able to see when it’s time to move on from what isn’t working for you.

Why You’re Stuck

The key to why SO many of us struggle with health issues is that we are so stressed out that changing anything feels too hard. Be honest, have you ever felt this way? You may genuinely want your body to look and feel differently, but there’s too many other things competing for your time and energy and so your efforts never fully take flight.
Most likely, this pattern is never going to change. It’s never going to be convenient for you to get healthy.

Move on to a winning strategy

You can have the results you want and you can have the resources you need to have them. A winning strategy to give you the room in your mind to be able to achieve this is through starting to transform your “stress” pattern. Broken down further, you’re stressed because there’s too much on your plate (usually not good stuff either, but rather too many things that drain your energy). Identifying energy drains and resolving them will help you get what you want with your health and every other area of your life. Why? Plugging those drains puts more gas in your tank so that you don’t run into as much decision fatigue and halfhearted attempts to make and stick with health improvements.

Start here

Here’s one thing you can do today to change this pattern: write down one energy drain you experienced yesterday or today. What was the obstacle, did it involve other people, does it happen often, how do you feel when it happens, and how have you been handling it? Feel free to share your answers with me.
As you start to identify your drains and resolve them, you will feel your stress start to melt away and you will automatically have more time and energy available to invest in the things that will deeply impact how you look and feel daily.
If you need some support with resolving your energy drains and transforming your stress, I’m here for you and would love to help you discover where your best health has been hiding.


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