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I work with people whose health symptoms are forcing them to stop living life fully. I help them regain their health so they can feel great and free to enjoy their lives. Problems with weight, low energy, gut issues, anxiety, or blood sugar? I can help you!

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Testimonials from Clients

Rebecca has helped me lose 40 lbs and have a lot more energy. I feel better about myself and just feel a lot better in general (sleeping better, less aches and pains).

I’m a new person. I’m lighter in every way a person can be lighter. Mornings are so easy and enjoyable. Work is breezier – same work but less frustration and more joy. I’m laughing more loving more (and laughing about loving how my pants fit more). There is so much more brain and body energy to go around. I even got a cold bug and dispatched it within 12 hours and not my usual 3 weeks including sinus infection. This is still unbelievable to me.

“My food choices, eating habits & in general my feelings surrounding food have changed dramatically. I’ve been altering my clothing on a regular basis due to my body reducing in size. I have more energy & find that my list of chores is easily doable. I have taken on projects that felt overwhelming in the recent past & feel jubilant about the progress. I’ve been encouraged by Rebecca to use focus during times of stress & have had successes at work because of this.”

I was referred to Rebecca when a long-standing diagnosis of SIBO just wouldn’t budge. I really had no idea what I was in for starting my journey with her, or what exactly I could expect to gain, but my Naturopath suggested I see her.  The process was incredible. I began looking forward to our weekly chats. Rebecca very quickly became MY trusted source for all things surrounding my health. She helped me identify effective ways to manage the stress that I was holding onto daily. Showed me that my food choices are the start to healthy and productive feelings and daily success.  Whenever I’d approach Rebecca with a topic that felt overwhelming or negative, she immediately gave me the tools to turn my thought processes around, focusing always on the positive and reminding me that the journey through life is meant to be enjoyed! Now, 6-months later, I go to bed and wake up each day with gratitude (and heart-focused breathing!) in my heart and patience in my words.  I walk through each day feeling physically and psychologically better than I have in YEARS.  I enjoy my family more than ever and am finally living a life that makes me happy. Thank you, Rebecca, for bringing my life back on track. Thank you for investing in my health and life, I know I’ve created a life long relationship with someone that will always be in my corner. SIBO may have brought me to Rebecca, but I’ve gained so much more than what I came for…

I have joyously released over 50 pounds! But that’s not all – My chronic sleep problem is much improved, as is my energy and pain level, allowing me to engage in physical movement I once avoided. An on-going undiagnosed gut problem has been identified and is being addressed. On an emotional level, my moods are much more stable and I am much more confident AND happy.

You and your program has been a major positive life changer for me in all aspects.

When I came to Rebecca for help, I felt overweight and nothing I was doing was working. I was also having digestive problems and felt like I too busy and stressed to do anything about it. Now I’m down 2 sizes and feeling confident with my body and I’m loving what I’m eating.

The biggest success so far has been the change in my gut’s health. Within just a few weeks I can feel my body’s shape without the background bloating or drop in energy that used to come after certain meals (sometimes even after meals I used to consider healthy!) Other than the weight loss, I generally feel more fueled after each meal. The way I use and view food has changed completely & I can’t imagine ever going back!

Before I met Rebecca I went through a lot of mental and physical challenges. My stomach was in knots and everything I ate seem too upset my stomach. Through our sessions she shared with me her knowledge of diet and nutrition, food recipes and offered her support at every turn. She help my through one of the most traumatic experiences in my life and helped me to find out the root of my tummy problems. Rebecca is the best nutritionists I’ve ever had and I’ve had a couple, no one was as thorough and devoted to solving the problems as she was. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, I truly appreciate all you do.

The key to fixing any problem is finding out the origin of the problem.  Rebecca Hazelton, over the last nine months, has helped me restore my health and develop the knowledge and discipline necessary to maintain it.  This proactive, logical approach to health fills in the gaps that are missing from traditional medicine.  Through a series of targeted testing, supplementation as well as lots of active listening, Rebecca was able to help me navigate through all the symptoms and bad habits to focus on the core problems and identify actionable items to restore my health.  I encourage anyone who is looking to take control of their health to begin by having a conversation with Rebecca.

When I began my wellness journey with Rebecca I was having difficulty sleeping, lacked energy, had headaches weekly, suffered from bouts of panic and anxiety, had little to no stress resilience and had some long standing digestive issues. I had no real understanding of self care or how to implement it in my life.  I had tried many different approaches over the years to address my chronic health issues and nothing had helped for any length of time.  I was discouraged, worn out and hopeless. I felt like this was just going to be my life. Then I began working with Rebecca.
Working with Rebecca has been life changing!  She has helped me in a way that no other person or program has.  Rebecca has a diverse and rich knowledge base and complete expertise in her field.  She has educated me and given me the tools so that I have been able to take back my health and actually see real results for the first time. Our coaching sessions have not only been extremely crucial to my success but have helped me to feel accountable, and her genuine concern for my physical, mental and emotional health have made me feel like I have a partner in the process. Rebecca infuses our time with renewal and hope.  Each session leaves me with great new information and tools to use and strategies to implement  in my life.
In the 2 years we have worked together I have made great progress and have seen many of the issues that I had previously suffered with completely disappear. Whether you have chronic health issues, want help in improving stress resilience or just want to fine tune your health and wellness, I happily and wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca Hazleton. You will see results and gain a partner in what can oftentimes feel like a very lonely journey.

This diet really works! At 54, I feel better than I have in decades. Working with Rebecca is great! Her advice for fine-tuning the diet to my needs is perfect. Both my sons work with her as well and I continue to refer others. Even though I live in another state, her help is just a phone call or email away!

It is rare in any field to find someone as commited to excellence in their craft as Rebecca is to hers. She takes a holistic approach to personal fitness, is always ahead of the curve and looks for ways to integrate proven fitness and nutrition methodologies into her practice and ultimately your personal fitness goals.  What makes her so unique among her peers is her insatiable appetite for the latest information and her own personal growth. She is as serious about your health as she is her own.  Above all Rebecca inspires and motivates – a sign of a true coach.

My 11 year old daughter has struggled with her weight and blood sugar for years. Her doctors said she was pre-diabetic, but following their recommendations weren’t helping. After 1 month of following her metabolic typing diet, my daughter’s test results were so improved that the doctors were shocked. She lost some weight too, just by eating the foods that were right for her body. She feels better and is proud of herself. We are so happy!

I can’t say enough about what Rebecca has meant to me for my health, mental as well as physical.  She is kind, smart, knowledgeable, funny, humble, honest, empathetic and just plain fun to be around.
Please, please, if you have even the slightest inkling of getting your health in order, reach out to Rebecca, I implore you to do it now and not wait another day, you WILL NOT REGRET IT!
Thank you Rebecca from the bottom of my heart, you have literally helped me save my life so that I can live a long and healthy existence with my family and friends.

I worked with Rebecca for about a year on some chronic health issues that had not improved with either conventional or alternative measures. After working with Rebecca for about a year my health had really improved. I still eat the way she taught me.
She is very knowledgeable and was really good at explaining test results and everything else that went into the program. I felt that she listened well and her encouragement and support went a long way towards my success.

I’ve been working with Rebecca for the last few years via Skype from Australia. She has been instrumental in getting to the root cause of my problems and treating me as a whole person, rather than just treating the symptoms as a collection of isolated parts which is my experience through “traditional western” medicine.   It has been a bit of an archeological dig stretching back over more than 50 years, but it has been like taking a journey with a close and caring friend.  She has chastised me a little when necessary, encouraged when deserved and always, always been on my side to regain my health.  The results speak for themselves, I am feeling more alive than I have felt for over 20 years and I certainly couldn’t have made this journey without Rebecca and her wisdom, kindness and support.  If you are searching for answers, then I could not recommend Rebecca more highly.

I’m feeling good! I am eating more healthily, and am mindful of how I feel when I eat. I am more clear about my goals and recognize when I achieve them or fall short. I am recommitted to exercise (even though I always was) but I am even better about planning and doing it. I have made food a more positive part of my life and am much better organized about the foods that I buy and prepare.

Coaching with Rebecca has been very, very helpful and illuminating. My digestion is calmer, I’m sleeping better and have good energy. Before working with her, I spent years focusing on what I couldn’t eat, but now I understand what works for my system and have the balance I need. I have learned so much from Rebecca and she truly is a coach–giving me great tips and keeping me on track toward my goal.

I was referred to Rebecca to help release weight and lower my cholesterol. I was stuck and not releasing weight for 2.5 months before we started working together and I got over that hump! I also lowered my cholesterol by 50 points!

Working with her was beyond my expectations.

A major success for me has been feeling my energy levels get better after working with Rebecca. One of the reasons I came to Rebecca was because I wanted to address my low energy. While I still have work to do, I definitely feel more energetic throughout my day and have learned various tools to improve and maintain my energy and bounce back quicker when I do experience a slump.
She’s helped me forge a new relationship with food! This is a big one for me. I’m learning how to be kinder to myself, choose the foods that will make my body and mind feel good, and implement sustainable practices for myself when it comes to my food choices.
I’ve been plagued by hip and knee pain for a couple of years now. I’m a super athletic, active person so it’s been a frustrating to be restricted by physical pain. I’ve seen numerous orthopedics, done tons of physical therapy, massage, you name it. After a coaching session with Rebecca, she encouraged me to commit to doing exercises from the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue and shared her own personal experience using his method. I saw almost instant results and was able to do hike pain free for the first time in 2 and ½ years!

I’m no longer addicted to sugar! I really felt a little hopeless about my cravings for sugar… all the time.

I have changed my relationship with food dramatically as a result of the work we have done together. Eating is just another part of my day, rather than the high point of my day. I feel so much relief in this change.

Working on the internal, mindfulness aspects of nutrition has been very valuable for me. I thought working with Rebecca would just give me someone to be accountable to, and that would help me stop eating crappy foods. However, with her help I have transitioned my thought process to how can I be accountable to myself. I have learned how to navigate some tricky social situations and re-center myself under stress.

After working with Rebecca, I feel better in my body, not sluggish, and no longer bloated!

Before I started with Rebecca, my stomach pain was bad and unpredictable (to the point of interfering with my social life) and I had insomnia. Despite taking sleeping pills to get to sleep, I didn’t have enough energy and felt tired a lot of the time. Since we’ve been working together, I feel so much better! It’s now a shock when I don’t feel well—that’s a huge shift! I’m almost completely off of my sleeping pills and my anxiety medication and feel more rested. I’m sleeping better and my energy is better both when I wake up in the morning and throughout the day. It’s amazing how so much has changed for me just from eating better and using the tools to manage my stress.

25 pounds lighter and haven’t had any abdominal cramps while running (and this used to happen almost every run). I’ve learned a great deal about foods that are better for me and what to stay away from.

I started working with Rebecca because I wanted to lose weight and feel more confident. I now feel like I have power and guidance to make better choices on what I use to fuel my body to be the best it can be. I dropped weight and my “love handles” are smaller. I struggled for years with this side of fitness…and now I’ve found the right path! 

Before working with Rebecca, I had chronic inflammation that had been affecting my work, low energy, and was addicted to sugar.

From working with her, my inflammation has significantly decreased, my energy and stamina have increased, I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done that was getting neglected due to not having energy for it, I’m working more productively and without pain, and I’ve lost some weight and have received several compliments about how good I look now. I feel like I’m on a good roll with my food. Her support and accountability kept me motivated and focused on what I wanted (before, I always gave up too soon and the habits didn’t stick). I got more from working with her than I expected!

With Rebecca’s help, I’ve been able to figure out what’s been causing chronic heartburn, and how to stop it. This past week I experienced five full days without heartburn, and that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that in four months!

Through working with Rebecca, I realized how bad my body actually felt before when I was eating the wrong things, and now I don’t feel like that. I used to have stomach pain almost every day and 2/3 times it would impact my life. I know what it feels like to have healthier digestion now which I’m really grateful for having the opportunity to experience.

There has been so much that I enjoyed about working with Rebecca! From helping me stay on task, to showing me different ways to cope with stress, to how pairing different foods can help my gut digest food properly. I released some weight, have a better understanding of digestion, and a better focus on regular exercise now. I recommend her program!

Before I started working with Rebecca, it had been many years since I had lost weight. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far! My clothes are fitting better and I am not hungry all the time. It’s been helpful to know which foods are best for me to eat.

Within weeks my GI system is in balance, I lost 15 pounds, lost several inches off my waist and hips and just ordered a pair of size 8 pants, which I have not worn in years!

I cannot put a dollar amount to the worth of what I have learned in this program. I thought nutrition was focused on food yet I didn’t know that Rebecca would change my life, including my past, present and gratefully my future. My entire perspective in life has drastically changed on so many levels. Even though, I felt like a positive person before this program, at that time I was easily affected by stress, and in turn very self destructive. Before this program I would crumble and drown in the depths of stressors. Yet with the compassion and unique tools I was provided I am now able stay afloat and swim with ease in the wake of any sort of stress. The skills I learned and now implement everyday keep me confident, happy, and motivated to process and progress everyday toward something better… and it’s entirely due to this program. Now I am capable of managing stress so instead of it turning into something that destroys me, it has become something I gain strength and resilience from instead. This program is beyond metabolizing food, its about digesting life positively. Thank you Rebecca for your guidance and most importantly your endless support.

Increased awareness and understanding of the drivers and effects of perimenopause. Information and time to practice with foods that compliment my metabolic type. Better and more consistent energy when I’m disciplined in my eating. More ease around facing the challenges of perimenopause. A more expansive and flexible mindset around my body and expectations in my 50s. A new friend and support person in Rebecca.

When I started with Rebecca I had two main concerns; weight increase and proper digestion. The mint I needed to understand what was going on in my body. Rebecca provided the tools to help understand what I needed for a healthier body. Once I understood what my body type is and what foods my body responds well too I started to see my body responding to losing weight and energy increasing. Once the weight issue was under control proper digestion became a focus. Rebecca helped to put into place proper supplements that would help with my gut health. Once I started taking them the proper way in the right amount I noticed my energy lever increased a lot. I would do my cardio and exercise program in the morning and still have enough energy in the afternoon to do whatever I wanted.

Weight loss was a significant success, since I was insulin-resistant, and could not lose weight no matter what I did, before the program. And now also being SIBO-free is a huge success, since I’ve been dealing with that for years! I now look better, feel better, and have a much more outgoing personality, and I’m much happier about myself.

Since working with Rebecca, I’m feeling so much better in general (gut and energy). It’s been helpful having the education and awareness of what does and doesn’t work for me, losing some weight, and having the support of a compassionate coach.


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I’m Rebecca

an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Certified Nutritionist, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner®, Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor, and Egoscue Method® Postural Alignment Specialist. My passion is working with people to make positive changes in their lives, and I want to help you! I have an arsenal of tools ready to help you live a healthier life.

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