Health Benefits of Phytoplankton

Phytoplankton are microscopic organisms that live in watery environments. 

There are different types of phytoplankton, but the most common type is the single-celled plant. Just like land plants, phytoplankton contains chlorophyll that converts sunlight into chemical energy in the form of photosynthesis. It uses carbon dioxide in the process and gives out oxygen as a byproduct. It is actually believed that it is responsible for producing more than half of the Earth’s oxygen production.

Phytoplankton is the foundation of the aquatic food web since they feed everything in the ocean from microscopic organisms to huge whales. Small fish–which are food for larger marine animals that are also eaten by larger marine animals–graze upon phytoplanktons.

But aside from all these interesting facts, did you know that phytoplankton is a superfood?

Yes! This marine plant is loaded with essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, omega antioxidants, and trace minerals. It can even directly affect our genes and brain cells!

Let’s explore more of the benefits of phytoplanktons to human health. 

1. Improves mood

Omega-3 fatty acids and the minerals in phytoplankton aid brain tissue health to support significantly improvement in mental health, memory, and mood.

In a pilot study conducted at the University of Utah, subjects who regularly took phytoplankton supplements notably improved in their depression symptoms.

2. Detoxifies

The role of phytoplankton in the ocean is to oxygenate and detoxify, and it also does so in your body. It is, in fact, the best bioavailable source of SOD or superoxide dismutase. It contains seven times more active SOD than any other source.

SOD is a detoxifying enzyme that is essential in combating oxidative damage and inflammation and is proven effective in detoxifying heavy metals.

3. Boosts the liver and immune system

Phytoplankton contains L-arginine which increases blood flow to the liver and improves fatty liver disease. It also strengthens the immune system because of alanine, beta-Carotene, bioflavonoids, and vitamin E.

4. Regenerates cells

What’s really amazing about phytoplankton is that their teeny-tiny size is the exact opposite of the number of nutrients they contain and their impact on human health. It’s tremendous!

And since its composition is the same as the human plasma or the fluid surrounding our cells, phytoplankton has exactly what your cells need. It has this unique ability to strengthen the cell membrane and also induce cell regeneration and create healthy new cells.

5. Keeps the heart healthy

Omega-3 fatty acids are important in keeping your heart healthy. Types of Omega-3 are EPA and DHA, and they improve cardiovascular function. Among their benefits are reducing inflammation, preventing clot formation, lowering triglyceride levels, and keeping the heartbeat regular. Phytoplankton is rich in Omega-3s so supplementing with it is one way to decrease your risk of coronary disease.

There are plenty of brands of marine phytoplankton supplements that are now available in the market. The one that I take is Ocean’s Alive. Super high quality (you don’t want toxins in there!).

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