Glasses that can help you fight cancer & improve sleep

I know the title of this blog post sounds strange, but as you read in my blog post 3 health tips for techies, the blue light from tv’s, smart phones, and computer screens interferes with melatonin production. Why should you care? First, melatonin is a potent cancer killer. Two, melatonin is mandatory for a good night’s sleep.

Wearing amber lensed glasses is such a simple solution. Check it out…

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 12.26.19 PM

I wear my (amber-lensed) sunglasses at night

My colleague Chris Kresser has done a great deal of research in this area. He writes “… use amber-lensed goggles once the sun has gone down. These blue-blocking lenses are highly effective in reducing the effects of blue light exposure, and in most cases completely eliminate the short-wavelength radiation necessary for nocturnal melatonin suppression. (222324) These goggles have been shown to improve sleep quality as well as mood, simply by blocking blue light and simulating physiologic darkness.

The main reason I recommend using these goggles is because normal room light alone is enough to suppress melatonin at night, and unless you’re shutting off all the lights in your house when the sun sets, you’re still at risk for disrupting your melatonin-driven circadian rhythms. (25) While f.lux is a useful tool for your backlit devices, it’s nearly impossible to address all sources of melatonin-suppressing light in today’s world of modern technology and late-night work and entertainment habits. Amber-colored goggles are one of the only tools available to completely eliminate all blue light exposure at night, without ‘going off the grid’ and powering down your entire house after 7 PM.”

Great info, right?! Aren’t you wishing you already had a pair? That’s simple enough to remedy.

Brands of glasses

Two excellent and very inexpensive options for amber-lensed glasses/goggles are available online. I wear the Uvex brand (ordered on Amazon).  If you wear eyeglasses, however, you’ll need to get a wraparound pair like the Solar Shield brand (also available on Amazon). Sure either one is going to look a little silly, but so do plenty of other health and beauty regimens (think about waxing, mud masks, & hair coloring for goodness sake!). Getting better sleep and keeping your cancer fighting melatonin at optimal levels is certainly worth looking a little goofy before bed in the privacy of your own home. 🙂

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