Food & fitness favorites from my European holiday

After a fabulous 2 week family vacation in Amsterdam and Germany, it is my pleasure to share with you some of my favorite meals and workouts.


Honestly, the food ROCKED. It’s hard to pick favorites…but here goes.

  • Breakfasts were usually centered around eggs, but you won’t hear me complaining: look at how orange these egg yolks are! Also, I brought some raw chocolate powder & stevia with me and was able to make my favorite healthy hot cocoa wherever we went!


 IMG_6648 IMG_6653 IMG_6654

  • Ribs in Amsterdam (no pic, too messy)
  • Chicken liver with bacon and onions in Amsterdam

chicken livers

  • Turkey in a cream and local Riesling sauce with mushrooms, carrots, and leeks (dinner in Bad Wildungen, Germany)

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 4.45.56 PM

  • Suckling pig salad with roasted veggies and topped with fried onions (which my daughter devoured, of course), (lunch in Marburg, Germany where the Grimms brothers went to college)

Marburg salad

  • Rabbit rolled up and stuffed with mushrooms, side of asparagus & mushrooms (dinner at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle)


  • Local, wild venison stew, veggies on side (dinner at Rapunzel’s Castle)

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 6.46.40 AM

  • CREAM!!! Aside from a couple of dark chocolate gelato splurges that left me feeling pretty blah (my body isn’t used to sugar and therefore gave me the middle finger when I had it), my desserts were whipped cream and a few squares of 85% dark chocolate. The cream was fabulous! And it was nice to be able to go to any of the hundreds of gelato stands in any town and get a portion of cream in a little cup with the fun gelato spoons. Funny how those spoons make you feel like you’re on vacation and “splurging”. 😉

cream cream, happy me IMG_6505


I brought my TRX with me to stay on track with my weight training. Here’s me working out in a castle hotel where we stayed in Waldeck, Germany!

trx castle lunges wall windmills

Have you ever tried doing chinups on a rope before? I hadn’t until two days before coming come. We were at a park in Wiesbaden and I couldn’t resist–they were SO hard. Normally, I can do 15 chinups on a regular bar, but could only manage 5 consecutively on the rope. Plus, my abs were sore. Nice!

Lunges are always a fave: doing them on a moving train made them a lot more challenging! My daughter joined me in doing jump squats, pushups, and planks (what a great way to pass the time on our train ride from Amsterdam to Cologne!).

We walked SO much. It was great! Lots of fresh, crisp air and plenty of lovely architecture to admire. Oh yeah, and I was chasing me kid so I got some burst training too. 😉 Good times!

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