Flatter, stronger tummy & less back pain when you breathe like this…

Choosing Health Tribe, you are in for a treat!

Today, I am going to show you an amazing tool you can start using right away to flatten & strengthen your tummy, increase your energy, improve your focus, AND protect your back.
It’s a breathing technique I learned while becoming a certified Egoscue Method® Postural Alignment Specialist and you’re going to love it.
You breathe about 22,000 times every day. When you are overwhelmed and anxious, your breath gets shallow and tends to come from your shoulders and neck, like this:

Sound and look familiar? Well that style of shallow, shoulder breathing ALSO contributes to increases in stress hormones (hello, belly fat!). Now last time I shared with you 2 amazingly helpful tools from my eBook Pleasure Meditation to manage stress & overwhelm. (Click here if you missed it.)

Now here is how you make your breathing work in your favor to help you get a flatter, stronger tummy, more energy and focus, and healthier back..and it’s simple!
I’ve even made a short video for you.
1) Easiest way to start is to lay on the floor with your knees bent and put your fingers on each side of your waist. As you breathe in, breathe into your waist rather than your shoulders. It’s going to feel different than what you are used to! A huge benefit is that you get about 30% more oxygen with this method (hence feeling more energy, focus, calm…and lowering stress hormones is great for your waistline!) and you give your core an awesome workout with every breath! As you replace shoulder breathing (aka north-south breathing) with core-centered breathing (aka east-west breathing), your deep tummy muscles become stronger. The benefit to you is less “pooching” out of your tummy and a lot more stability for your low back. Plus, your neck and shoulders will love not doing a job that was never supposed to be theirs.
2) This is NOT the same as “belly breathing”, it is more side to side as well as in your low back, using your core muscles 360 degrees (like a cylinder). As you breathe, you should feel the muscles in your waist push into your fingers. You’ll get the hang of it in no time! If for some reason you don’t, let me know because that indicates something is up with your posture that likely needs adjusting with some simple stretches to restore function to this area of your body so that you too can enjoy the benefits.
I always love getting your emails and feedback so please, let me know how you are doing and if you want more tips like these. Enjoy your flatter, stronger tummy!


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