Female Fat Loss Summit 2.0

FREE Online Fat Loss Summit

Hello! I’ve got exciting news (and a bunch of awesome Halloween-themed recipes)…

I am a part of an amazing FREE online event that is about to start.

You will walk away from this FREE online event with more tools and takeaways than you could ever imagine so that you can:

  • Stop the “deprivation-binge eating-guilt” cycle.
  • Create a simple food and fitness plan that will help you create the healthy body you deserve!
  • Eat with joy, “consciousness” and intention. The way nature intended it to be.
  • Make your MIND your greatest asset to creating optimal health and design a strategy that is unique to YOU.
  • Feel amazing and energized in your body so you can find your path and live your PURPOSE!

If you are ready to jump in and get access NOW, go ahead and click here.

We both know the media and the internet are FULL of quick fix schemes, empty promises and contradictory health and diet information that JUST DON’T DELIVER THE GOODS!  Let’s put an end to the confusion right now. My friend and colleague, Dr. Kellee Rutley DC has created a single resource for you, where you can receive all of the tools YOU need to break free from diet prison, release the weight and take your body and your LIFE back. If it seems like everyone else already has it all except you trust me, you are NOT ALONE!

Dr. Kellee has brought together, over 21 Top Level experts, including me! These experts are the “real deal”! Kellee has interviewed highly credible and well respected Doctors, Naturopaths, Zen Masters, Holistic Psychologists, Holistic Chefs, well known Published Authors and True Fitness Experts with decades of experience, all sharing this “virtual podium” to give YOU the answers you have been looking for.

Being lean, “well” and happy is your natural state! Dr. Kellee and I can relate to what you are going through. Many of the experts on this summit have TRUE REAL LIFE stories to share with you about how they overcame the same obstacles you are facing right now.

If you want to become EMPOWERED with your own health and happiness; shed extra pounds, and truly feel WELL and have real VITALITY, go ahead and click the link here.

You will walk away from this FREE online event with over 21 hours of inspiration, education and more tools and takeaways and free gifts than you could ever imagine:

Decide you are WORTH it, and follow the few steps to get on the right path.

Dr. Kellee invited me to speak on this FREE online event, and I am so appreciative and extremely excited to share the virtual stage with all my fellow experts.

This event starts November 1st, so click here to get access now!

To your health, Rebecca

P.S. Share this transformative message with friends! Simply send them this link (http://femalefatlosssummit.com/Rebecca) so they can enjoy free access to the summit too!

Check out these great Halloween recipes!

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