Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sleep

By disturbmenot.co

Are you interested in getting the best night’s sleep ever? Do you want to learn more about what good sleep hygiene is and what might interfere with a good night’s sleep? If so, you’re in the right place.

The infographic below will give you the lowdown on getting the perfect night’s sleep. You’ll learn a lot more about sleep, and actual stats on how we tend to sleep.

Did you know, for example, that 10% of Americans suffer from chronic insomnia? Or that insomnia is twice as likely to affect women as it is to affect men? That’s just a smattering of the information that you’ll learn if you check out the infographic.

All of the information is evidence-based so you only get real facts, not something cooked up by the denizens of the internet. You’ll learn:

·         About historical sleep trends: Believe it or not, sleep was so important in ancient times that it was worshipped as a god.

·         More about the different sleep stages: The body goes through several distinct stages during sleep. If it doesn’t get through the full cycle, you’re not getting a restful nights sleep.

·         The right amount of sleep: Most adults need between seven and eight hours a night. The amount that you need depends on your age.

·         Daily naps: Naps, when approached correctly, can be a valuable part of your sleep routine.

·         The reality of sleep duration worldwide: How much do people really sleep? What are the numbers globally?

·         How to improve sleep quantity and quality: If you’ve been short of shut-eye, skip to this section to help improve your sleep straight away.

·         Things to avoid to improve sleep: We all know that caffeine is a no-no before bedtime. Did you know that acidic food can also keep you awake, though?

·         How technology affects sleep: There’s bad news for tech-heads. Too much artificial light affects your sleep quantity and quality. It’s not just the excitement of watching your favorite show that keeps you awake – the light from the screen does too.

·         Sleep disorders: There are around ninety different sleep disorders. Find out which are most commonly experienced.

·         Sleep facts about children: Find out what sleep means for your kids.

·         Myths about sleep: Do you wake a sleepwalker or leave them alone? Find out the truth about common sleep myths.

I think that’s enough preamble, let’s get to the infographic itself.


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