Essential Fatty Acid Misnomer

As I’m laying on the floor of my office doing a posture stretch and listening to my favorite podcast, Underground Wellness, it occurs to me that the term “essential fatty acid” is a misnomer.
We call Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats “essential’ because our bodies cannot make them: we have to obtain them from food. Ironically, most people have far more Omega-6 fats in their diet than is healthy (since corn and soy are in EVERYTHING).
Moreover, saturated fats, which are absolutely essential to our health are vilified. Saturated fats are required for building healthy cell walls and regulating both hormones and enzymes (which effects almost every bodily process)…they are so important that if we overdue eating carbs and sugar, our liver will actually make saturated fat to try and protect us.
So next time you hear the term essential fats, give a shout out of thanks to saturated fat, our under-appreciated friend. 🙂

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