Commit to Be Fit Revolution Summit…plus holiday recipes & FREE book bundle!

You are about to be spoiled! In this email are 3 awesome and free gifts for you!

#1. Guidance! Are you tired of setting the same health and fitness goals year after year and seeing no results?
What if I told you there’s a way to find the results you’ve been looking for?
Join me and 20 other health and fitness experts in the FREE Commit to Be Fit Revolution summit.
I’m giving away some great suggestions for how you can finally be fit in 2017 including:

  • How you can avoid common mistakes when trying to reach your ideal weight.
  • De-bunking myths around diets and cleanses.
  • Plus a surprise tool you can start using right away to achieve their health and weight goals!

Let’s be fit in 2017! Save your spot today!

#2.  FREE books! My friends at ShopEthically have put together an amazing bundle of ethical books, courses, and other goodies from honest and authentic creators around the globe. Unlike other mixed media bundles though, this one is completely FREE!

My book Pleasure Meditation is in there, along with a couple dozen others. While I obviously can’t vouch for the philosophies of each and every contributor, there are definitely some gems in there.

Go grab them all HERE!

AND #3. Here are 5 healthy, delicious holiday drink recipes for you to enjoy while you partake of the free summit interviews and books!


The more the merrier so feel free to invite some friends to the free summit:

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