Cinnamon Ginger Panna Cotta Dessert with Stevia

Cinnamon Ginger Panna Cotta

This tastes like horchata! Very tasty and easy to make…and most importantly, there’s no sugar!!! This dessert uses stevia instead so it won’t spike your blood sugar like other desserts. It tastes sweet and delicious and you can enjoy it guilt-free! Check out the video here.


1 can unsweetened whole coconut milk

2 tsp agar flakes or powder…or gelatin if you aren’t going for vegan

20-25 drops vanilla stevia

1/2-3/4 tsp. cinnamon

1 ginger tea bag


In a medium saucepan, steep ginger tea in coconut milk and agar flakes for about 5-10 minutes on medium/low heat. While lightly simmering add cinnamon and stevia. You’ll know it’s done when the agar flakes have dissolved. Pour into cups or small bowls and chill for 2+ hours. Top with sprinkled cinnamon, berry compote, or slivered almonds. Enjoy!

Thanks Sketch-free Vegan Eating!

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