Cholesterol Clarity

Author, podcaster, success story and all around awesome guy Jimmy Moore has a terrific new (and much needed!) book out about cholesterol called Cholesterol Clarity (co-authored with Dr. Eric Westman). Jimmy used to weigh 400 lbs and take all sorts of medications including cholesterol-lowering drugs before turning his health around with eating low-carb. He’s experienced firsthand some of the bitter side-effects they can cause.

cholesterol clarity

In his book, Moore pulls together information from an amazing team of 29 doctors and experts (including  Dr. William Davis, Dr. Ronald Krauss, Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Duane Graveline, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Chris Masterjohn, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Dr. John Briffa, Dr. Thomas Dayspring, Dr. Fred Pescatore, Gary Taubes) to teach us all the essential keys we need to make informed decisions about our health when it comes to cholesterol, such as:

  • Why your LDL-C and total cholesterol numbers may not be as important in determining your health as your doctor may think
  • The undeniable negative role chronic inflammation plays in your health
  • Why cholesterol-lowering Statin drugs don’t necessarily solve your heart health concerns
  • Why your doctor should be testing for LDL particles and particle size
  • Why HDL and triglycerides are far more predictive of health concerns than LDL-C and total cholesterol
  • Why consuming saturated fat is good and why carbohydrates are detrimental to attaining the best cholesterol numbers (Caitlin Weeks, Grass Fed Girl)

Here’s what fellow bloggers Jason Seib & Sarah Fragoso have to say about Moore’s book:

Cholesterol Clarity makes clear what so many people need to know. The reality is, the vast majority of what you have been told about cholesterol and it’s relationship to heart disease is dead wrong.  The spread of this misinformation, most of which is perpetuated by Big Pharma, has amounted to enormous profits, not saved lives or even a moderate reduction in heart disease worldwide.”


“This book defines all the key points that we need to understand about the subjects of cholesterol and heart disease, and it answers every question anyone could ask, all through these amazing experts.  There have been a few other fantastic books written on these subjects before, but all are written in typical sciencey book fashion. Cholesterol Clarity is THE book for everyone and a great resource for those who want to dig right into the information and really learn the truth behind this mess rather than spend their time immersed in science.”

Check it out for yourself and don’t let another day go by that you don’t understand how valuable cholesterol is and what those numbers on your blood test really mean.

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