Cabbage Noodles=Caboodles!

Our family has been grain-free for many years. Quite a change since I grew up with a loaf of french bread in one hand and a fork filled with pasta in the other.

One of the staples that I’ve enjoyed replacing traditional pasta with in a variety of recipes (like beef stroganoff!) is cabbage noodles. And they are soooo easy to make!

Here’s what to do!

Slice up a green cabbage so you get strands. Easiest to cut the cabbage in half, remove the stem and core, lay down on the flat side and then slice into strands of desired thickness (usually about 1/2 inch thick) from top to bottom.

Cook on low-med heat in the healthy fat of your choice for about 8-10 mins until tender (coconut oil, ghee,butter, duck fat, and bacon fat are all great).

Delicious as a side dish or topped with your favorite sauce. Enjoy!

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