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You already know that “stress” is a common culprit linked to every major disease. But what is stress? And how do you measure it? Today you’ll learn the answers to these questions and a simple tool you can use to gain and sustain your greatest asset: your health.

What is stress?

Stress is an umbrella term for anything that gets in the way of your body doing its best:

  • Lack of sleep, poor diet, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, infections and pathogens, and lack of emotional self-regulation (i.e. not having tools for managing your feelings and stress level throughout the day) are some common examples I see in my practice.

How do you measure stress?

There are many great tools for measuring stress. The one you’re going to learn about today has been well researched, is easy to use, and is becoming the gold standard in identifying whether your autonomic nervous system function (controls breathing, heartbeat, and many other vital duties) and overall health are at increased risk.
It’s called heart rate variability or HRV for short.

This is how it works. Your heart has variation between beats. Some people have very little variation and others have more and this is something you can measure with a device that measures HRV. Stress impacts this variation and leads to lower HRV. Lower HRV is a strong and independent risk factor for future health problems and is associated with diabetes, heart failure, autoimmune disease, impaired mental performance, being overweight, etc.
By using a tool called Inner Balance, you can measure your HRV and help manage your stress before it becomes an irreversible health condition. This is a wonderful opportunity!

Managing Stress & Improving HRV

Chances are, your HRV score is going to be an invaluable eye opener and you are going to be inspired to seize the opportunity before you. You can manage your stress and gain the health advantage by eating a clean, unprocessed diet; drinking plenty of filtered water; getting sufficient quality sleep, and managing your emotional stressthroughout the day.

Need support? You’re not alone! The majority of us get the best results when we get expert coaching, a tailored plan, and accountability. I’d love to connect with you and empower you with the tools you need to unlock your best health, beauty and purpose.


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