Upcoming Wellness Events

Hi everyone! Whether you are a bay area local or not, there are lots of opportunities to show your support and learn some great health info at the same time! 🙂

March 2012 Events: Pre-natal Health~Thurs, March 15 @ 6pm at the west side New Leaf, Eating for Optimal Energy~Wed, March 21 @ 12 at the downtown library & also on Saturday, March 17th at the Capitola New Leaf Health Fair

Past lectures
*Tuesday, June 1–Lecture at Way of Life: Metabolic Typing, Are You a Carnivore or a Carbivore?
*Wednesday, June 9–Underground Wellness Radio-Sean Croxton will be interviewing me about my book, Choosing Health
Underground Wellness Blog Talk Radio Interview
*Thursday, July 15–Living La Vida Low Carb Radio–Jimmy Moore will be interviewing me about my book, Choosing Health
*Saturday, June 26, 11am–Health Talk and book signing at Toadal Fitness, 17th Ave.
*Tuesday, July 20–Wellness Lecture and book signing at New Leaf Community Market, Pacific Ave.
*Saturday, July 31–Wellness Lecture and book signing at Whole Foods, 41st Ave. 10am
*Tuesday, August 17–6:30pm, Moms of Multiples, Santa Cruz
*Wednesday, Septemeber 8, 7:30pm, Healthy Way Health Lecture Series (new conference room location, spa fitness on 41st ave): Working Out: Learn How To Fuel Yourself For Maximum Results

FREE Family Nutrition & Meal Planning class, Tuesday, January 24th at 6pm at the west side New Leaf.

Improved Health Screening

Since cholesterol levels really don’t tell us what we want to know about how healthy we are, what should be looking at instead? It turns out that homocystein levels are a much better predictor for hearth disease. Specifically, a homocystein level greater than .5 is a risk factor.  Thought LDL was bad? Guess again.  Oxidised LDL, LDL that has been damaged due to inadequate antioxidants in the body, is a predictor for heart disease.

Diabetes screening may be making some improvements.  Rather than the glucose challenge test where you drink that wretched chemical-sugar solution, docs are starting to look at hemoglobin (HA1C) to see who is predisposed to diabetes (levels above 5 indicate pre-diabetes and levels above 6.5 indicate diabetes).

20 Worst Drinks In America

The sugar in these beverages will shock you!
20 Worst Drinks