Vegans At Increased Risk For Heart Disease

American Chemical Society just released an article about vegans being at increased heart disease risk, specifically blood clots and atherosclerosis or “hardening of the arteries”. Are we really surprised by this?

We need to consume animal products, in some form, to be healthy. The amount and type absolutely depends on your unique biochemistry, but this study is a good reminder that when we eliminate all animal products, our health suffers.

Grass-fed Butter

Mmmm, butter. It’s good for all occasions. Know what makes butter even better? When it’s made from cows that have been munching on fresh green grass!
What makes grass-fed butter better?
When cows feast on grass, the cream that they produce is richer in the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K (specificslly Vit K2 which cows convert from the Vit K1 in grass) as well as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, learn more about CLA health benefits here). The benefit of these nutrients is vast–healthier immune system, greater antioxidant protection, improved nervous system function, improved metabolic function, protection against cancer, stronger bones, and even a stronger sex drive (all that good fat contributes to proper hormone production). Plus, grass-fed butter is darn tasty.

Besides all those health benefits, grass-fed butter doesn’t have the problems associated with commercial butter like hormones and antibiotics. Cows fed on pasture, their intended diet, are as a general rule much healthier than their grain/corn/soy-fed counterparts. Therefore, antibiotics are the exception rather than the norm…and they aren’t given hormones either (which disrupt our hormone levels when ingested regularly).

Brands of grass-fed butter

Probably the best butter I’ve tasted is PastureLand sold at

Other great brands are Organic Valley (their “pastured” butter sold in the green foil) and Kerrygold IrishButter.

If you like raw butter (kinda tastes like butter with parmesan cheese mixed in), Organic Pastures has a grass-fed raw butter that will knock your socks off!

Whatever brand you choose, do make an effort to eat grass-fed butter instead of plain old organic butter. Your health is worth it! 🙂