Best Protein Powder Review

Ever wonder if protein powder is healthy for you? Or safe? And then there’s a million options so which one should you try?

This review sums up which ingredients to steer clear of and out of almost 700 protein powders, which 8 were ranked best.

Now of course they couldn’t test every single protein powder out there, but this guide should be really helpful to you.


Other fantastic sources of top quality protein powders are grass-fed whey if you don’t have a dairy sensitivity (many of my clients enjoy this brand), collagen powder, or gelatin. These all supply easily assimilated amino acids (protein building blocks your body uses for building and repairing cells, healing your gut, making neurotransmitters, balancing blood sugar, and much more).

You may benefit most from adding a quality protein powder into your diet if you have trouble with digestion, are healing from leaky gut, have low energy, or blood sugar imbalance. Powdered forms of real food are often more easily assimilated by your body to be used for the important functions I mentioned above. They can be added to coffee, smoothies, teas, broth, soups, yogurt…get creative! Here are some recipes you may enjoy.

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