Adaptogenic Drinks to Support Stress, Sleep & Inflammation

Staying hydrated is so important…and while water is always the best choice, I wanted to share some beverage options with you today that are refreshing and support aspects of your health such as helping calm your nervous system from stress, promote sound sleep, and regulate your inflammatory response.
I don’t have any affiliations with any of these products and there are many brands on the market: these are just a few I’ve come across during my research that I wanted to share because I am passionate about empowering people with diet and lifestyle choices that help them to discover where their best health has been hiding.

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plants or fungi that support your body’s resilience (or adaptability) to stress. Some specific benefits of adaptogens are: neuroprotection, reduction in mental exhaustion, improved energy (reduced fatigue); nootropic (enhance cognitive function, particularly in the areas of memory, attention, motivation, and creativity), increased antioxidant protection/reduced inflammation, enhanced feeling of calm and focus, as well as improved sleep quality.

There are many options when it comes to adaptogens. Today, my focus will be on sharing a combination of adaptogenic teas that you can make yourself as well as some prepared beverages.

DIY Adaptogenic Teas

Enjoy any of these teas hot or iced.
For Sleep: Ashwagandha and reishi; lemon balm, cordyceps, chamomile, L-theanine; Gaia Sleep & Relax, Nutritional Medicinals Cup of Calm.
For Mood Balance or Stress Relief: Holy Basil or Tulsi, Kanna, Lemon Balm, Ashwagandha.
For Focus and Energy: Rhodiola rosea, Eleuthero root, Holy Basil, Schisandra chinensis, cordyceps.

Adaptogenic Tea & Drink Blends

Wise Ape Tea: Organic, loaded with adaptogens, and the bags are biodegradable and microplastic-free. There are blends that support sleep (Orange Dreamsicle), ones that support energy and focus (Chocolate Hustle), and others that support inflammation balance (Coconut Warrior).
Recess: Canned sparkling waters with adaptogens. Their Mood line supports you to “unwind” and they have a Zero proof mocktail line as well (clean ingredients, small amounts of juice used to flavor and sweeten).
Moment: Canned still or sparkling water with adaptogens and sweetened with stevia/monk fruit.
Hiyo: Similar to Recess and Moment but with small amounts of cane sugar (around 1 tsp per can).

I hope that this information is helpful to you.

It is my passion to work with people like you whose health symptoms are getting in the way of you living life fully and with a sense of freedom in your body. I can help you to regain your health so you can feel great and free to enjoy life fully. 

If you’re ready to discover where your best health has been hiding, I’d love to connect with you!

Apply for a complimentary Unstoppable Health Discovery Session. (subject to availability).

Until next time, I’m wishing you unstoppable health!

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