5 Easy Tips for Better Blood Sugar

Preventing your blood sugar from spiking is something you want to do if you’re interested in slowing cell aging, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing inflammation, having sustainable energy/mood/hormonal balance, and greatly reducing your risk of chronic diseases.
There are some really easy things that you can do that can make a significant improvement.

Eat Your Veggies First (and add some vinegar)

In her book The Glucose Goddess Method, French biochemist Jessie Inchauspé describes how eating veggies before carbs/sweets can reduce glucose spikes by up to 73%! That’s Tip #1.

From her website, gucosegoddess.com:

And having a tablespoon of vinegar before meals can reduce glucose spikes by up to 30%! Any type of vinegar works (I recommend apple cider vinegar and avoiding balsamics before meals–and it’s best to dilute it with some water and drink through a straw or take it like a shot to protect your tooth enamel; if you are having a salad or veggies with a dressing with vinegar, that’s a great option!). Now, if you have an H. pylori overgrowth, GERD, heartburn or issues with your esophagus, it’s best to check with your practitioner to make sure this tip is safe for you. That’s Tip #2.
One of the worst things you can do for your blood sugar is to have carbs all by themselves–combining them with protein/fat helps reduce spikes as well. That’s Tip #3.

Move Your Body After You Eat

Moving your body around for 10 mins (walking, stretching, nothing too strenuous) after you eat lowers glucose and insulin by helping your muscles to take up extra glucose–That’s Tip #4.

Eat Organic Food

I attended a thorough summit on detoxification this winter and one of the gems shared was that switching to organic foods and decreasing exposure to the pesticide glyphosate has been shown to decrease glucose readings in study participants. I especially recommend avoiding non-organic sources of The Dirty Dozen produce since they have the highest concentrations–That’s Tip #5.

I hope that this information inspires you to add these great tips into your life!

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