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Allergic to Chicken Eggs? Try Duck Eggs!

Duck eggs may sound exotic to some, but downright weird to others so I am here to tell you my personal and professional opinion about this chicken egg alternative.
Several years ago, I found out that I had a food sensitivity to chicken eggs. Food sensitivities are extremely common and though they don’t mean the throat closing life and death situation if a true allergy, eating foods you are sensitive to on a daily basis will wear down your immune, digestive, and hormonal systems thus placing your health at great risk. Knowing this, I was very disappointed when I found out that I needed to eliminate one of my favorite foods…and not just eggs by themselves, but all of the many other foods/recipes that use eggs. Trying to be healthy and make a gluten-free cake? Nope, it’s got eggs. What about binding your meatloaf, crab cakes or zucchini parmesan? Think again.
It took me quite awhile to try duck eggs because I thought they would taste different from chicken eggs and, if I am being honest, I thought they would taste weird. During a nutrition consultation one day, my client told me that he and his family loved eating duck eggs for breakfast. I asked him about the taste and texture. “They taste like chicken eggs and their texture is richer.” Hmmm. “They are terrific to bake with,” he added. What did I have to lose?
My husband googled duck eggs and our zip code and viola! Up pops several local options listed on Metzer Farms’ website. I chose the closest to me, Hidden Hill Farm, and have been getting farm-fresh, pasture-fed duck eggs ever since.
For those of you in the Santa Cruz area, call Luke Anderton at 831-423-8593 or use the link provided above for the full roster of local, fresh duck egg providers. If you don’t live in my area, google with your zip code or ask at your local health food store.
Duck eggs work great in the protein pancake recipe listed on my recipe page and, for a holiday favorite, I’m going to try making egg nog with them next. You can bet that I’ll post the recipe if it turns out to be a winner.

Raw Milk Rocks

I recently read an article, “What’s Not In Your Organic Milk That Should Be”, about the inferiority of ultra pasteurized milk, all pasteurized milk for that matter, and it made me grateful all over again that there are still smaller dairy farms selling raw milk to those of us who want the best.
Milk in its natural form is an amazing food indeed. It contains wonderful fatty acids that help our bodies to burn fat (they are called conjugated linoleic acids or cla’s for short), immune boosting immunoglobulins (intended for the calves to help fight off illness), and beneficial bacteria that strengthen the immune and digestive systems.
These beneficial bacteria actually keep harmful bacteria at bay. We’ve all heard of E. Coli. Well, the good bacteria in raw milk prevent the overgrowth of this potentially harmful bacteria. Many people don’t know that and are afraid to drink raw milk, but pasteurized milk is to blame for many more cases of sickness than raw milk–that’s what happens when people drink milk from sick cows rather than raw milk from healthy cows.
If you’re still not impressed by raw milk, consider the enzymes present that help you digest it. If you are lactose intolerant or know someone who is, you will immediately realize what a great thing this is. The lactase that is normally present in milk to help us digest it gets destroyed when heated through the process of pasteurization…as do the bacteria. The CLA’s I mentioned are going to be rich in grass-fed cow’s milk, not in commercial cows that are fed grain, corn and soy. You won’t find cows making milk to be sold in its raw form eating that crap!
My favorite brands of raw milk are Organic Pastures and Claravale, but I am sure there are many delicious sources. To find raw milk in your area, check out
Raw milk is superior in nutrition and taste. Give it a try!
For more information, pick up a copy of my book Choosing Health.

Egoscue Spotlight

It’s great to be part of such a committed team of professionals. Check out my Egoscue Spotlight and if you are interested in getting out of pain and/or into the best shape of your life, don’t wait another second! Contact me today and let’s get to work on the right plan for your ultimate health!

Upcoming Wellness Events

Hi everyone! Whether you are a bay area local or not, there are lots of opportunities to show your support and learn some great health info at the same time! 🙂

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Improved Health Screening

Since cholesterol levels really don’t tell us what we want to know about how healthy we are, what should be looking at instead? It turns out that homocystein levels are a much better predictor for hearth disease. Specifically, a homocystein level greater than .5 is a risk factor.  Thought LDL was bad? Guess again.  Oxidised LDL, LDL that has been damaged due to inadequate antioxidants in the body, is a predictor for heart disease.

Diabetes screening may be making some improvements.  Rather than the glucose challenge test where you drink that wretched chemical-sugar solution, docs are starting to look at hemoglobin (HA1C) to see who is predisposed to diabetes (levels above 5 indicate pre-diabetes and levels above 6.5 indicate diabetes).

20 Worst Drinks In America

The sugar in these beverages will shock you!
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