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Vitamin L?

Vitamin L is a vital nutrient that improves blood vessel function and increases blood flow and may prevent heart disease, reduces pain, reduces physical tension and relaxes muscles, boosts your immune system, strengthens the deep muscles of your belly, and can instantly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Where do you get Vitamin L? Laugh, […]

Egg muffins

This is a super convenient recipe to help you get a healthy breakfast in the morning so you can rock your day! INGREDIENTS: 8 large pastured eggs 2 cups spinach 6 slices pastured bacon Optional: Bell pepper, mushrooms, onions HOW TO: Chop up bacon and cook on medium heat till done. Add in veggies and […]

Taking action for the life you want!

Last week you discovered the 2nd key to better health & happiness so you can look and feel awesome. Click here if you missed it. Today, you’re going to learn about the 3rd and final key called act. Let’s quickly recap and put it all together so you can move forward with confidence and excitement! Key […]

Boosting your health just got easier!

You already know that “stress” is a common culprit linked to every major disease. But what is stress? And how do you measure it? Today you’ll learn the answers to these questions and a simple tool you can use to gain and sustain your greatest asset: your health. What is stress? Stress is an umbrella […]

3 Nutritious Delicious Noodle Replacements!

Do you love finding foods & recipes that taste great, help you have more energy, and load your hard-working mind & body up with nutrients? Who wouldn’t?! This week I’m sharing with you 3 AWESOME noodle replacements and quick, easy recipes to try them in. Why substitute for wheat, rice, or gluten-free pastas at all? […]

Cabbage Noodles=Caboodles!

Our family has been grain-free for many years. Quite a change since I grew up with a loaf of french bread in one hand and a fork filled with pasta in the other. One of the staples that I’ve enjoyed replacing traditional pasta with in a variety of recipes (like beef stroganoff!) is cabbage noodles. […]

Must have tools for getting healthy, wealthy, and slim!

Happy hump day! Last week you discovered the first key to better health & happiness so you can look and feel awesome. Click here if you missed it. Today, you’re going to learn about the 2nd key called define. This is your moment to get clear on what you deeply desire for yourself and your greatest asset: your […]

Progress not perfection

Reflect, define, act. These are 3 keys to better health & happiness that are vital to reaching your goals so you look and feel awesome. I’ll be discussing how to use these keys over the next few weeks with you. Today we’ll explore the first key: reflect. What’s working for you Holidays often bring us clarity […]

Bec’s Chili

I’m about to share with you the best dang chili recipe ever. Why you’ll love it: it’s full of quality protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants (basically all the building blocks your body LOVES.) Plus, it tastes wonderful! Seven years ago, I had an insane beef chili craving that wouldn’t quit. I literally went […]

Protect your greatest health asset with this!

You deserve this… Do you ever stop and look at your life and wonder how the heck you got here? Does it feel like someone left the fast-forward button on in your life and you just don’t know how the heck to make things feel more manageable? And are you struggling with any of these typical […]