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Crispy Leeks

This recipe is a great way to add flavor to many meals like hamburgers, meatloaf, salads, soups…use your imagination. How to: Finely chop a leek from end to end. Add 2-3 tablespoons of refined coconut oil to a large skillet and turn to medium-high heat. Add chopped leek and cook for 3 minutes with the […]

Bec’s Meatloaf (new and improved!)

This recipe is great for batch cooking so you have an easy meal to prepare that you can enjoy as leftovers all week long or freeze for those busy nights you just want to defrost. Ingredients 3 lbs grass-fed ground beef 1/2 lb ground “pet food” (ground organ meats, they have to label it as […]

10 Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Recipes

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Halloween. Decorating, themed foods, dressing up…YES!!! 🙂 Today I’d like to help support you in your health journey by sharing some fun & tasty holiday inspired recipes. You can spread them out throughout the month for variety to your weekly menu or wow your guests at […]

Stress & Your Gut

Do you or someone you care about struggle with weight? Low energy? Digestive issues? Well I am SUPER excited to share something with you!!! On September 26th at 1pm Pacific time (4pm Eastern), I’ll be hosting a FREE teleseminar to unlock the 3 powerful keys you need to transform your health & fix your symptoms…and you’re invited! […]

Breathing and your gut health

I’m keeping this short and sweet today: your breathing has tremendous impact on your gut health. The vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the human body, connects your heart, brain and gut. It plays a key role in regulating your heart beat and breathing. When I help clients manage their stress and improve their gut […]

Mint ice cream made from what?!

Do you like to enjoy a dessert now and then that doesn’t sabotage your energy, waistline, make your break out, or give you digestive problems? Me too! I’ve been doing some fun experimenting lately with cookbooks and online recipes and I really want to share this ice cream recipe with you. Disclaimer: So as a […]

Could this sweetener be healthy?

Hi there! Today we are going to be talking about a sweetener that shows real promise for anyone looking to reduce inflammation, weight, and heal their gut. First I want to recap about what we talked about last time and extend a special gift to you. Last week I shared with you some true foundations […]

Hormone healthy banana chocolate ice cream

I had to share this AMAZING recipe with you: you can make it in your food processor in less than 5 minutes! Ingredients: 2 large ripe bananas, sliced and frozen solid 1/3 cup raw milk (can substitute coconut milk) 1/2-3/4 cup cream (organic strongly recommended) 2 tablespoons collagen powder (Great Lakes or Bulletproof) 3-4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa […]

Grain-free Taco Salad

This recipe is quick, easy, and delicious! One thing you will notice that is different is that there aren’t any refined starches or grains in it. I’ve found that for myself and many of my clients that it’s easy to get carried away with starches at meals and that leads to health symptoms like weight […]

Tropical Breakfast

Aloha! I’m enjoying a little vacay in Hawaii and wanted you to enjoy an easy tropical breakfast we’ve enjoyed several times. Generally, I like a hearty breakfast, so I was surprised that this one provided good energy and was really satisfying. Ingredients: 1 cup full-fat plain organic Greek yogurt 1 small apple banana (or half a […]